Iggy Azalea ‘I Am The Stripclub’: Sizzling new erotic music video has fans ‘obsessed’

Iggy Azalea ‘I Am The Stripclub’: Sizzling new erotic music video has fans ‘obsessed’
Iggy Azalea in a still from 'I Am The Stripclub' (YouTube @IggyAzalea)

While Iggy Azalea is gearing up for her third studio effort ‘End of an Era’, she is making sure she keeps her fans hooked to the project with racy singles. She first upped the ante with the song ‘Sip It’ which was released a few weeks ago and now the Aussie crooner is back with another banger called ‘I Am The Stripclub’.

The track is accompanied by stunning visuals where the female emcee looks drool-worthy in her various hot avatars. The music video also features legendary ballroom dancers from the House of Balmain showing their sensuous moves. Though not officially announced, Iggy Azalea’s latest single might make it to her forthcoming album which is slated to drop in August 2021. Speaking of new music, Tyler, the Creator dropped his highly-anticipated album ‘Call Me When You Get Lost’ last week, whereas, rapper G Herbo released his fourth studio album ‘25’ on Friday, July 2.
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Iggy Azalea spice things up in ‘I Am The Stripclub’

Iggy Azalea had faced an issue with her earlier song ‘Sip It’ featuring Tyga due to the explicit lyrics getting censored on streaming platforms and therefore, she really wanted the latest one to go places. Expressing the same in a tweet, the 31-year-old singer-songwriter tweeted, “I really want this video to trend you guys! I was bummed last time, but this time we will get it! This song is important to me, So please support in anyway you can, even texting it to a friend to watch is great support!”

‘I Am The Stripclub’ has been produced by J White Did It and it was first announced in the first week of May by Azalea herself. The video features the crooner pulling off seductive moves with her squad as they ride at the back of a truck having a gala time. The carefree anthem is clearly meant for nightclubs and is expected to go viral on TikTok soon. Speaking of lyrics, Azalea in the first verse sings, “Hit it one time, two times, too live/ Laying poolside and it made woosy/ Too fine do ya' own thing Imma do mine/ I'm on cloud nine ‘cause the vibe too high” and she then slips into the hook with “Don't need dark rooms, I am the strip club/ Don't need red lights, I am the strip club”. However, it is the lyrics, “I woke up like a bad a** bi**h, Pretty face with some perfect t**s/ Called my job told ‘em suck my d**k” that caught everyone’s attention on the Internet.








‘This is a Rupaul song’, claims Twitter

As soon as the song hit the Internet with the official music video, social media users could not keep calm as they thronged to Twitter to share their excitement. One elated fan said, “BIIIIIIIIIIII**H!!!!!! That’s not Iggy!!!! That’s her alter ego MISS AMETHYST!!!! I needed more close ups with the black hair!!!!” Another fan posted, “I will use this song for everything, funerals, sex, studying, dancing, sex, and cleaning my house.”
The next one shared, “I’m never disappointed. #iamthestripclub hits so good. perfect for summer. ty @IGGYAZALEA for sharing this bop with us” while another tweeted, “Ok miss @IGGYAZALEA what kind of manifestations u put in this song because it’s makes me obsessed!?” One user claimed, “#iamthestripclub … this is a Rupaul song.” Another posted, “Iggy is INSANE, she never misses. since I watched work to this moment.  #iamthestripclub full circle. End of an Era sounds so good so far.”

















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