Idaho murders: Police receive first forensic lab results nearly 3 weeks after brutal slaying of students

Idaho murders: Police receive first forensic lab results nearly 3 weeks after brutal slaying of students
Idaho State Police has informed that they have received the first forensic reports of the Idaho murder victims (@kayleegoncalves/@xanakernodle/Instagram and NewsNation/video screenshot)

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MOSCOW, IDAHO: Nearly three weeks since the brutal slaying of four University of Idaho students in their house, investigators have started receiving forensic results. Aaron Snell, the communications director for the Idaho State Police, said that the results would be used to 'paint that picture' that resulted in the stabbing murders of Kaylee Goncalves, 21; Maddie Mogen, 21; Xana Kernodle, 20, and Ethan Chapin, 20.

“I do know that each type of testing… some take longer than others. And I also do know that there have been results that have been returned and those go directly to the investigators,” Aaron Snell said. He did not address if DNA from the four victims or their two roommates was found at the location during an interview with Fox News. At the Moscow, Idaho residence where the students were killed, over 4,000 pictures and over 110 pieces of physical evidence were collectively gathered as per Daily Mail. Detectives are also reviewing an additional 488 digital media submissions as part of their investigation. 



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Police reported that one of the two survivors who were reportedly present in the house during the horror murder later called 911 to report the incident (@kayleegoncalves/Instagram, Screenshot/Good Morning America)
The killer who murdered four Idaho students has yet not being recognized by the police (@kayleegoncalves/Instagram, Screenshot/Good Morning America)

In order to solve this case as swiftly as possible, investigators and officers involved have reportedly been "working 24/7 in the lab," according to the Idaho State Police's director of communications. A few days have passed since five automobiles were taken from the house where the four students had been killed before Snell's most recent update. The cars were towed from the residence and hauled away to “a more secure long-term storage location to continue processing evidence,” Moscow Police said in a statement on November 29. On November 28, investigators returned to the house to dust for fingerprints and stroll around the neighboring wooded area in search of any potential hints or evidence that may have been missed during the initial pass-throughs. 

There have been no publicly named suspects as of November 30, 17 days after the students were killed. Additionally, no fixed-blade knife believed to have been used in the murder has been found. Kaylee's father, Steve Gonclaves, revealed earlier this week that he did not hold a burial for his daughter because of concern that her "monster" killer would be present. The girl's father also stated in an interview with Fox News that police had contacted numerous outside organizations for more assistance with the case and the enormous amount of evidence that needs to be collected. “They're gonna have to go through that point by point and that's going to take a lot of time,' he said. “That's why they reached out to other facilities to help them with that lab work.”


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 Idaho murders Police receive first forensic lab results 3 weeks after brutal slaying of students