Hyuna’s wig slammed by Black fans for cultural appropriation: 'You can just curl your hair'

Hyuna’s wig slammed by Black fans for cultural appropriation: 'You can just curl your hair'
Hyuna called out for wearing a curly hair wig from a Black store while Black people are still mocked for their natural hair even in South Korea (@hyunah_aa/Instagram)

In the fourth week of June, K-pop couple Hyuna and Dawn flew to Paris and seem to be having a gala time. Fans are also loving the quirky couple’s outfits in the city of fashion, especially with it being Men’s Paris Fashion Week. However, on June 24, Hyuna came under fire for cultural appropriation by buying a curly wig from a hair shop meant specifically for natural hair. She first posted a photo of trying it on with the comments full of Black fans asking her to put it down.

Much to her Black fans’ disappointment, Hyuna then indirectly revealed that she had bought the wig as she was later seen sporting it in different locations. With the shop being quite familiar to Black fans from different wigs, oils and haircare products meant for the health of natural hair, they made memes and joked about spotting Hyuna on their beauty supplies run. However, the underlying issue of the idol being ignorant and buying the wig just because she liked it has not gone over well with fans.

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Hyuna slammed for cultural appropriation

When it comes to cultural sensitivity, K-pop has still a long way to go. A lot of idols ignorantly do cultural appropriation, especially by mimicking Black fashion to seem ‘hip hop’. This not only enforces the negative stereotype that hip hop and Black people are dangerous or street thugs, but it is also incredibly offensive as a majority of South Korea still has a racist mindset. Fans are also often upset that while they are still a target of racism for their hair, skin color and accent, K-pop idols imitate them and are applauded while they profit off it. And so with Hyuna sporting a curly hair wig, fans have taken to educating her.

‘Hyuna is ignorant fr’

Black fans explained that while they had no issues with those of different races having naturally curly hair or curling, it was Hyuna going to a hair shop meant for Blacks and picking a curly wig to look like them that was problematic. One fan tweeted, “Hyuna is ignorant fr she needs someone to teach her about cultural appropriation.” Another asked, “Now what is miss hyuna doing in the afro shop.” One fan said, “Idk why she had to buy a wig.. pls hyuna you can just curl ur hair like this again.” Another added, “Hyuna put that wig down and get out that beauty store there is nothing for u there.”





One explained, “I know hyuna bought that wig because she liked the style and probably didn’t mean any harm by it but someone really needs to tell her that it’s not meant for her….” Another fan joked, “Not hyuna purchasing a shake go and wig…i swear my auntie got the same damn wig too.” One shared, “Hyuna having a whole photo op with my entire wash and go routine in the background rlly sending me rn yall like.” Another was blunt, “I SWEAR NON-BLACK PPL WANNA BE BLACK SO BAD  BUT WHEN IT COMES TO SUPPORTING BLACK LIVES THEY ARE QUIET.”





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