HYBE girl group NewJeans to debut with four title tracks on August 1

HYBE girl group NewJeans to debut with four title tracks on August 1
HYBE and ADOR's new K-pop girl group, NewJeans will release their tracks 'Hurt' and 'Cookie' in the days to come (@newjeans_official/Instagram)

Months after the controversial debut and eventual success of the HYBE label's girl group Le Sserafim, it seems like HYBE is now ready to debut its second girl group under its subsidiary label ADOR (All Doors One Room). After months of keeping the new girl group under wraps, HYBE and ADOR have finally launched NewJeans (New Jeans) with five members as they released their pre-debut single, 'Attention' on July 22. Soon after the single was released, the girl group started gaining a lot of attention online and fans were curious about what the group had in store for the future.

One day after the release of their pre-debut single, 'Attention', HYBE's NewJeans officially released the second title track, 'Hype Boy' from their mini-album, the title of which is yet to be revealed. The track, 'Hybe Boy', introduced the five members of NewJeans to the world as 'member-focus' versions of the video were released on the girl group's YouTube channel to draw attention to their upcoming debut. Following a unique debut format, the five-member girl group has announced their upcoming debut to be on August 1 with their four-track mini-album and its main title track, 'Cookie'.


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NewJeans gears up for their August debut

NewJeans consists of five members ranging from 14 to 18 years of age with one international member, Hanni, who is also the first female Vietnamese K-pop idol. The girl group also has three Korean-born members, Hyein, Haerin, and Minji as well as one Korean-Australian member, Danielle. While the title of NewJeans' debut album is still under wraps, ADOR, the label that manages the activities of the girl group revealed the titles of the tracks in the upcoming album from NewJeans.

The EP will be released with the title track, 'Attention', as well as the second title track, 'Hype Boy'. Not only that but the album will also feature two other title tracks, 'Cookie' and 'Hurt'. All four tracks of the new mini-album from NewJeans will serve as title tracks and will have separate music videos that will be released over the next week. The first track to be released from NewJeans was 'Attention' whereas the second track was 'Hype Boy' which was released on July 23.


The third title track 'Hurt' from NewJeans' debut mini-album will be released on July 25 at 12 am KST (11 am ET) and the song is an RnB track with distinct Acappella vibes. Finally, NewJeans will make their debut with 'Cookie', a song that carries a minimal hip-hop beat with cute, self-confident lyrics. The music video for 'Cookie' will be released along with the rest of the album on August 1 at 6 pm KST (5 am ET).

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