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HYBE terminates contract with Le Sserafim's Garam, fans ask 'where are her stans now?'

K-pop fans rejoice as HYBE kicks Kim Garam out of Le Sserafim with the girl group set to promote as five members in the future
UPDATED JUL 20, 2022
HYBE and Source Music terminate their contract with Kim Garam as they announce Le Sserafim will continue as five members (@le_sserafim/Instagram)
HYBE and Source Music terminate their contract with Kim Garam as they announce Le Sserafim will continue as five members (@le_sserafim/Instagram)

Over the last few months, there had been a lot of chaos around the HYBE and Source Music girl group Le Sserafim which may possibly die down now as Garam exits the group. As soon as the girl group was introduced, fans from all around the world had their eyes set on HYBE Label's first ever girl group in a decade after the success of BTS, TXT, and Enhypen. Just like any other label, HYBE introduced the members of Le Sserafim but what happened as soon as Kim Garam was introduced was unimaginable.

After photos introducing Garam were released, confessional reports from alleged victims claimed that the new member of Le Sserafim was a school bully. HYBE immediately shut down all the allegations against her but as it would turn out, the accusations continued with more alleged victims coming out against Garam. After a very public statement from the alleged victim's legal team, Garam was made to sit out from promoting as part of the girl group with a promise that she would return when things get better for her mental health but it seems like that is not possible anytime soon.


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HYBE terminates contract with Kim Garam

On July 20, Source Music and HYBE announced that the label had terminated their contract with Kim Garam and that she was leaving the girl group which will now promote with five members. In their official statement, HYBE or Source Music failed to explain the reason for Garam's removal from the girl group as they said, "We would like to inform you about Kim Garam and Le Sserafim's future activities."

The label plainly stated, "We have decided to terminate our exclusive contract with Kim Garam. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to fans and many others due to the controversy over Kim Garam." They also added, "In the future, Le Sserafim will be active in a five-member system," as they concluded their statement with a promise to support the girl group in the future.


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'Kim Garam contract termination party'

While some fans of Garam are upset with what happened to her over the course of the scandal, since school bullying is a much graver issue in South Korea than in the rest of the world, other K-pop fans are glad that HYBE finally kicked Garam out of the girl group. One fan said, "What i’m wearing to the garam contract termination party." Another fan joked, "Sakura when garam breaks down after packing all her things getting ready to leave." One more fan said, "Garam kicked out same day as STAYC comeback that’s how God works."

Another fan said, "Kim garam doesn’t have twitter so i blocked liam payne instead." A fan mocked, "Who said garam’s about to hand in her HYBE nose at reception?" One more fan joked, "The garam Stan’s that was trending garam come back everyday." Another fan said, "Me showing garam stans the SOURCE MUSIC statement unprovoked in their mentions." One fan asked, "Where are the garam stans who trended here a few days ago and said "they will just cry when garam comes back" GURL LOOK WHO'S CRYING RN?"