Did Hunter Biden have sex with Beau’s widow day after he died? ‘Dad and Aunt Hallie were f**king’, claims note

Did Hunter Biden have sex with Beau’s widow day after he died? ‘Dad and Aunt Hallie were f**king’, claims note
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President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden is finding himself in hot water once again, as shocking revelations have been made about his scandalous relationship with dead brother Beau Biden’s widow Hallie Biden and her then-married sister Elizabeth Secundy. The text messages exchanged between Hunter and Secundy, recovered from his abandoned laptop allegedly consists of conversation around sex, masturbation, porn and much more. According to reports, one of the unnamed notes on Hunter’s computer also talks about him allegedly having sex with Hallie, only a day after Beau died. 

Hallie and Hunter are said to have got closer in 2016 following Beau’s death as she helped Hunter with his rehabilitation for substance abuse. Their relationship was made public in 2017 when Biden himself blessed the couple. However, it appears as if there was more to the controversial relationship than meets the eye. 



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Did Hunter sleep with Hallie one day after Beau’s death?

According to the Daily Mail, the files restored from Hunter’s laptop consist of several long and “emotional messages” drafted by him. It is suggested that the messages were directed to his friends and family members he was arguing with, which he saved as notes on his computer. In one such message, he has allegedly spoken about his former wife, Kathleen Buhle, who reportedly accused him of sleeping with Hallie only a day after Beau’s death. 

He has allegedly written, “It really really was devastating to me that you adopted Kathleen's narrative: 'Dad and Aunt Hallie (K's words exactly to me tonight on phone with girls in room) were F***ING the day after Uncle Beau died.” However, is it unclear as to who the note was addressed to and if Hunter ever sent it. 

Meanwhile, other emails reportedly see Hallie accusing Hunter of being unfaithful to her in the early years of their relationship when she was trying to help him with his substance abuse. 


Attorney General Beau Biden (L) celebrates his win with his wife Hallie Biden (Getty Images)

Did Hunter lie about his affair with Hallie?

In an interview with The New Yorker in 2019, Hunter claimed that his romantic relationship with Hallie began in the fall of 2016. But some of the conversations recovered from his laptop are dated July 2016, including one in which Hallie has accused him of cheating on her with other women. 

She has allegedly written, “Hunter, you cheated on me. You continued to cheat on me while I worked with [redacted] etc to get you help. Not only did you cheat on me, Viagra and Cialis, you actually bought her expensive gifts. I am stronger than you think. I'm not standing by while you treat me like dirt.”

However, Hunter stated in the interview that he went on a vacation in Hamptons with Hallie and her two children in August 2016, but it wasn’t until fall that they officially became a couple. Hunter even said that when he was under rehabilitation in Arizona, Hallie flew to meet him in a resort after he checked out and that marked the beginning of their romantic relationship. 


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