Did Hunter Biden try to kill himself? The curious case of his 'missing' gun and Secret Service involvement

The gun in question was thrown away in trash by his then-girlfriend and brother Beau's widow Hallie Biden

                            Did Hunter Biden try to kill himself? The curious case of his 'missing' gun and Secret Service involvement
Hunter Biden (Getty Images)

A startling report by Politico has revealed a bizarre incident from 2018 involving Hunter Biden, Hallie Biden, and a missing gun. Reportedly, President Biden's son owned a 0.38 revolver, which was discovered in his car by Hallie Biden, his then-girlfriend and the widow of his brother Beau Biden. Hallie later threw away the gun in the trash, following which something even stranger happened.

Secret Service agents meddled in the situation for presumably trying to hide Hunter's ownership of the missing gun, as suspected by the gun store owner. At that time, Joe Biden was not under any protection by the Secret Service, so their involvement with Hunter Biden remains a mystery. Meanwhile, Secret Service has stated that it has no existing records of agents investigating the incident. 


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Joe Biden and Hunter Biden (Getty Images)

Was Hunter Biden trying to kill himself with the gun?

According to a receipt and Firearms Transaction Record obtained by Politico, Hunter Biden purchased the gun on October 12, 2018, from StarQuest Shooters in Delaware. At that time, he was dating his brother's widow Hallie Biden, who was reportedly suspicious about him.

At her home in Wilmington, Hallie thoroughly searched Hunter's pick-up truck because of her 'suspicions' and found the gun inside. Later, during a police interrogation, Hunter mentioned that Hallie thought he was going to kill himself. "I think she believes I was gonna kill myself," he revealed to the Delaware State Police while explaining his motive behind possessing the gun. 

Hallie Biden (R) with her husband Beau Biden (L), who passed away in 2015 (Getty Images)

Soon after finding the gun in Hunter's truck, Hallie drove to the nearby high-end grocery store Janssen's Market, where the Bidens had been longtime customers. She took the gun along with her to the store. Then, she wrapped the gun in a black shopping bag before tossing it into a trash bin, placed outside the store.

How did the gun disappear?

When Hallie returned from the store after disposing of the firearm, she openly stated everything to Hunter. He ordered her to go back to the store and retrieve the gun. But, by the time she reached the store and searched again, the gun was gone. 

Hallie then informed the store manager about the incident, who placed a call to the police. Soon, the FBI arrived at the scene, and both Hunter and Hallie were interrogated about the incident. Delaware State Police promptly opened an investigation fearing that the trash can was right across from a high school and the missing gun might end up being used in a crime. 

Hunter reportedly got 'very agitated' when a police officer inquired whether his gun had been used in any crime. He responded by asking the cop whether he was intentionally trying to make him angry. 

When the officer also asked if he had been drinking or using drugs, Hunter clarified, "'Listen, it isn't like that. I think she (Hallie) believes I was gonna kill myself," states Politico

How did the Secret Service get involved?

While Hallie and Hunter were being questioned by the police, Secret Service agents reportedly paid a visit to the store where Hunter bought the gun - StarQuest Troopers. The agents asked owner Ron Palmieri to give the paperwork involving the gun sale. Two persons were witnesses to the incident, one of whom directly knew about Hunter Biden buying the gun while a Secret Service agent briefed the other after the fact. 

Ron Palmieri, owner of StarQuest Shooters (LinkedIn/Ron Palmieri)

However, the gun store owner Palmieri declined to provide the paperwork for the sale records. He stated that if the weapon had been used in a crime, he did not want the Secret Service to try and hide Hunter's connection to the gun. Later, Palmieri turned over the sale records to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, which is in charge of federal gun laws.

The missing gun mysteriously reappeared within a few days. An older man who collected recyclable items from the grocery store's trash returned the firearm.

Though the entire incident did not involve any charges or arrests, the involvement of the Secret Service in the situation remains a mystery.