'Dopesick' Fan Review: Viewers stunned and disturbed by 'superb' Hulu series

Fans of stars Michael Keaton and others seem to be very impressed with the series 'Dopesick'

                            'Dopesick' Fan Review: Viewers stunned and disturbed by 'superb' Hulu series
The cast of 'Dopesick' (Instagram)

'Dopesick' on Hulu was sure to turn heads and raise a couple (rather, several) questions for the main theme around which the miniseries is based on. The spectacular cast further raised the bar. The miniseries is based on the non-fiction book 'Dopesick: Dealers, Doctors and the Drug Company that Addicted America' by Beth Macy, and follows the opioid epidemic that takes place in the US.

Following the book, the series offers a first glance into the drug war in the country and takes a look at Michael Keaton himself as Dr Finnix, a small-town Virginia doctor who's brought a novel, apparently non-addictive drug to help his patients called OxyContin. The series then takes us to follow through the medicine-making procedure, and the impact it makes, on its users. Some of the shows that might interest you can be: 'The Resident', 'Castle Rock' and 'Wu-Tang: An American Saga'.


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It's safe to say that 'Dopesick' has created a ripple effect amongst its viewers, exploring the opioid crisis from various angles, including the barbarous carnage inflicted via addiction of OxyContin. The miniseries seeks to focus on individual characters, whilst also working on parallel tracks knowing that the drug is addictive but also that facing one obstacle after the other is beyond exhausting.

Fans are raving about the Hulu show that has brought a fresh change of pace on TV. One fan said, "#Dopesick has a perfect companion in @alexgibneyfilm's detailed @HBO documentary 'The Crime of the Century,' a deep dive into the origins of the epidemic, including videotaped depositions of Sackler and interviews with former employees."

Another fan shared, "Wow this looks insane! 3 part series #DOPESICK starring #MichaelKeaton @PoulterWill @KaitlynDever #rosariadawson and #PeterSarsgaard ,,,,Made by #DannyStrong #lff". "This was a dream come true! Danny is a writing hero to me and this show itself will BLOW your mind! I also snuck in a Buffy question! I had to! #dopesick", another fan tweeted.




It sure does look like the 'Dopesick' fever is infectious, stay tuned for more!

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