'Dopesick Nation': Viceland's show on America's opioid crisis debuts September 12

This season the show takes viewers through a journey of people with addiction, with a little help Frank and Allie - who themselves are in recovery - try to help this season

                            'Dopesick Nation': Viceland's show on America's opioid crisis debuts September 12

​Viceland has a new show to leave your minds blown this coming September. Titled 'Dopesick Nation,' the name itself paves the way to assume that this will be a show about drugs. Or at least portray the usage of drugs. But what the show also promises is a seemingly gruesome reality and the harsh truths about contemporary America, riddled with addiction. Say hello to Frank and Allie, who are here to give you a glimpse into the heartbreaking, painful, and authentic stories of addiction that the series reveals.

Premiering on Wednesday, September 12 at 10:00 PM ET/PT, the emotionally raw show takes viewers through the journey of the people with addiction that Frank and Allie try to help this season. It also offers them a preview of the events and obstacles they encounter on their journey. These are the very real faces of the opioid crisis that is taking over our nation.


The harrowing realities of this epidemic, set in South Florida, which has become Ground Zero in America’s current drug crisis, is the crux of the show. Frank and Allie, who are in recovery themselves, they attempt to help people with addiction who have hit rock bottom and truly want help, but have no way of receiving it due to lack of health insurance or funds.

Allie and Frank are often able to offer hope to those struggling with addiction but as we learn each week through those featured on the show, wanting help and committing to change yourself are two very different things.

Take the first episode, "All In The Industry," for example. It shows Frankie working to help Nate, a former recovery advocate-turned-heroin addict, get his life and his son back. Allie tries to help her best friend Kelly get a scholarship to a rehab. And there are many more such cases plaguing the nation, as the show will gradually reveal.

Earlier it was report by Deadline, Beth Macy's book, "Dopesick: Dealers, Doctors, and the Drug Company that Addicted America" - which shares a similar story - was in the works of being adapted into a TV series by Fox 21 Television Studios and Warren Littlefield’s The Littlefield Company. Whether the book's final TV adaptation is in the form of Dopesick Nation itself, is yet unknown.