'Worth': Release date, spoilers and all about Michael Keaton's 9/11 Netflix drama

'Worth': Release date, spoilers and all about Michael Keaton's 9/11 Netflix drama
Michael Keaton and Stanley Tucci in a still from 'Worth' (Netflix)

Can you put a price tag on a person's life? Or determine the worth of a person? Attorney and renowned mediator Kenneth Feinberg (Michael Keaton) learns a hard lesson in empathy after he is tasked with the near-impossible task of determining how to compensate families who suffered incalculable losses as a result of the September 11 attacks in 2001.


The 9/11 attacks left the whole world startled. Several innocent people succumbed to the horrid attacks. Netflix's latest movie 'Worth' will be examining the devastating loss that the victims' families suffered in the aftermath of the attacks. With a star-studded cast like Michael Keaton, Stanley Tucci, and Amy Ryan, the 9/11 drama might definitely be something that you would want to check out. Here's all you need to know about 'Worth', which happens to be based on true events.



Survivors of 9/11 left shocked by decision to slash victim compensation fund by up to 70 per cent

FBI technician who worked in the Pentagon after 9/11 succumbs to illness he contracted in the aftermath of the terrorist attack


Michael Keaton in a still from 'Worth' (Netflix)


Release date and how to watch

'Worth' will be premiering on Netflix on Friday, September 3. Viewers can subscribe to Netflix directly, via a mobile app store (App Store, Google Play). You can also watch it by signing up for the platform’s free trial. Apart from that, viewers can also opt for different subscription plans provided by the streaming giant.



Following the horrific 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, Congress appoints attorney and renowned mediator Kenneth Feinberg (Michael Keaton) to lead the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund. Assigned with allocating financial resources to the victims of the tragedy, Feinberg and his firm’s head of operations, Camille Biros (Amy Ryan), face the impossible task of determining the worth of a life to help the families who had suffered incalculable losses. When Feinberg locks horns with Charles Wolf (Stanley Tucci), a community organizer mourning the death of his wife, his initial cynicism turns to compassion as he begins to learn the true human costs of the tragedy. Based on true events, 'Worth' is a moving reminder of the power of empathy and the value of human connection.



Kenneth Feinberg realizes that there is no mathematical formula or equation to determine the value of a life of a loved one. As he meets and interacts with several family members and loved ones of the victims of the 9/11 attacks, he learns that human life is invaluable. 

Stanley Tucci reprises the role of Charles Wolf in 'Worth' (Netflix)



'Worth' has a very impressing cast-list, featuring:

Michael Keaton as Kenneth Feinberg
Amy Ryan as Camille Biros
Stanley Tucci as Charles Wolf
Tate Donovan as Lee Quinn
Shunori Ramanthan as Priya Khundi
Talia Balsam
Laura Benanti as Karen Abate
Victor Slezak as John Ashcroft
James Ciccone as James
Marc Maron as Lee Quinn


The film is directed by Sara Colangelo, written and produced by Max Borenstein and produced by Marc Butan, Anthony Katagas, Michael Sugar, Bard Dorros, Sean Sorensen, and Michael Keaton. Tate Donovan, Shunori Ramanathan, Talia Balsam, Laura Benanti, Marc Maron, Ato Blankson-Wood, Chris Tardio, Carolyn Mignini and Victor Slezak also co-star.


"I came to direct 'Worth' because I was fascinated by the complicated mission of the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund and I was fascinated by the motivations of the man at the center of it, Ken Feinberg," explained director Colangelo. She added, " For me, 'Worth' speaks to one man’s journey from cynicism to open-heartedness, from being a rigid “calculator” and advocate of actuarial formulas to someone who begins to listen to and consider every story, every person. Ken moves from relying on the powers of rationality to unearthing the powers of compassion. He moves from a business-as-usual approach to a place of plasticity and creativity. He is ensconced in a capitalist structure but works within it, perhaps even subverting it at moments, to find humanity. That idea of transformation is something that inspired me every day as a director on this film."




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