Who killed 12 O’Clock and Murdock? Wu-Tang Clan rappers shot in Oregon, 4 others injured

Who killed 12 O’Clock and Murdock? Wu-Tang Clan rappers shot in Oregon, 4 others injured
12 O'Clock and Murdock were shot to death (Turner family handout)

PORTLAND, OREGON: Two members of a Wu-Tang Clan-affiliated hip-hop group Brooklyn Zu were fatally shot in Northeast Portland on Tuesday, August 10. The cousins Odion Turner, 45, also known as 12 O’Clock, and David Turner, 45, who was known as Murdock, died after shots were heard around 5.19am in the area of Northeast 82nd Avenue and Milton Street, the Portland Police Bureau said. Both were cousins of the Ol' Dirty Bastard, a rapper and founding member of the Wu-Tang Clan.

An autopsy confirmed the victims died of gunshot wounds and their deaths were ruled as homicides. As per The Oregonian, four others were wounded in the shooting, including one person who remained hospitalized with life-threatening injuries. That person reportedly arrived at a hospital by private vehicle. The other three victims were taken to a hospital by ambulance.


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MEAWW has reported on the deaths of several rappers in recent times including Vonza Watson, the hip-hop artist known as VNZA. He was shot and killed on May 29. Zerail Dijon Rivera also known as Indian Red Boy was fatally shot while creating an Instagram Live with a social media influencer and friend named Kapone in July. Rapper Supa Gates, a Brooklyn native, whose real name was Aaron Williams, was shot multiple times in the front passenger seat of a Mercedes in April.

In a video posted on Instagram, Divine Turner said his father, 12 O’Clock, had been killed. “So I’m out of town away from home on business and I get the call that they murdered my father,” Turner said. “I don’t know what to do.”

Who killed rappers 12 O’Clock and Murdock?

As per reports, law enforcement authorities have not disclosed much about the case as of yet. A home surveillance video accessed by reporters shows that nearly 20 gunshots rang out in the street. A car speeding away west on Milton Street toward 82nd Avenue in the early morning darkness was also seen in the footage.

Stephon Turner, who also goes by Raison Allah and Zookeeper, said Odion Turner was his older brother, and David Turner was his cousin. “My aunt called me up, and she let me know my brother and my cousin is dead, and I couldn’t believe it. I’m devastated. It hasn’t hit me yet,” Stephon said. “The whole world is missing them right now. It’s a tragedy.”

As per Stephon, 12 O’Clock and Murdock were in a tan-colored RV trailer that was parked in a lot off Northeast 82nd Avenue when someone knocked on the front door and asked for a cigarette. Murdock reportedly opened the door and the stranger fired multiple shots at 12 O’Clock and Murdock, he said. Stephon said he believes the double killing was motivated by “jealousy, lust, hate and greed.”

Stephon Turner, who used to go on tour with 12 O’Clock and Murdock, said he spoke to his brother and cousin last Friday, and they were hopeful about working on a new album and going on tour again.

As per a police statement, “Officers secured the crime scene to preserve evidence and identify witnesses. Officers searched the area for suspects, but did not locate any.” The statement added, “This is an ongoing investigation and any additional information will be released at the direction of detectives. Autopsies will be scheduled to determine the cause and manner of death.”

“Detectives have a lot of work to do on top of all the other cases they’re already working,” Portland Police Bureau Lt Greg Pashley told Fox 12. “You guys know you’ve reported on two other homicides just over the last few days. It’s the same group of detectives that are responding to all of these. So, there’s no rest for them and our heart always goes out to victims and their families.”

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