‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Series Finale Preview: Top 5 things we will miss the most about the show

‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Series Finale Preview: Top 5 things we will miss the most about the show
Viola Davis, Matt McGorry, and Aja Naomi King on 'HTGAWM' (IMDb)

One more episode and ABC’s ‘HTGAWM’ will come to an end. Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) and her entourage of students, friends, and acquaintances will bid adieu forever, leaving us with nothing but memories of their characters, the highs and lows of the story, and moments that became the show's signature.

As the series finale draws closer by a few hours, we look back at some of the highlights of the legal drama thriller.


Annalise Keating and everything in her life

Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) in 'How To Get Away With Murder' might soon be the victim of a horrific murder (IMDb)

You can hate her, you can love her, but you can’t ignore her. She is a portrayal of the ultimate independent, bold, and fearless woman, who has struggled her way through to reach a powerful position in her life and career. When her chips were high, and Annalise was the most fearsome and invincible lawyer in town (as we saw in earlier seasons), her presence could wipe out every other character in the room. The way she conducted her classes, could give a chill to even the A-list students or when she would argue her case in court, it could make the best judges sweat. Her no-frills, no-nonsense attitude coupled with the hidden warmth makes her character stand out. She might not be the classic “hero” material of the story but her flaws make her all the more appealing and we are going to miss seeing her in full swing.


Ophelia Harkness and her relationship with Annalise

Viola Davis and Cicely Tyson in HTGAWM. (IMDb)

Cicely Tyson is Hollywood royalty and her presence in 'HTGAWM' lights up the story and lifts up Annalise’s character. Tyson’s Ophelia Harkness might be an old, life-torn, Southern mother, but she puts her daughter in her place. Annalise is nothing as we know her when Ophelia is around and the chemistry they share is of shades that cannot be categorized as black and white. Tyson’s Ophelia is lovable, admirable, and makes you feel right at home!


Asher Millstone and his silly humor

Matt McGorry as Asher Millstone in ABC's 'HTGAWM' (IMDb)

If there was a ray of sunshine amid the dark plotlines and a wave of humor every now and then, it was made possible by the one and only Asher Millstone (Matt McGorry). He is goofy, cheesy, and everything that his character required to lighten up the grave mood of the murders and mayhem. The young law student kept the group together, despite his own struggles and with a smiling face. When he was brutally killed in Season 6 Episode 11, it shook up his friends and their lives, and we still miss him.


Michaela Pratt’s ambitious and competitive attitude

Ray Campbell and Aja Naomi King in ABC's 'HTGAWM' (Season 6) (IMDb)

There’s always a Michaela Pratt (Aja Naomi King) that we know in our lives. They might be the best subject of gossips and hatred and not a popular choice, but they are also examples of how to stay focused on your ambitions. Fans have despised her, loathed her, and wished that she would cease to exist, but one cannot ignore her highly competitive nature. Her ambitions put her at the top of her class, got her to be selected for Annalise’s special team, and managed to get her through her billionaire, influential father. Michaela might have been manipulative but her antagonism brought a different flavor to the team of K5 and we will miss all her complaining, superiority complex, and arrogance.


Connor and Oliver’s romance

'How to Get Away with Murder' Season 6 might see Connor and Oliver's happily ever after ruined by a brutal tragedy (ABC)

Connor Walsh (Jack Falahee) and Oliver Hampton (Conrad Ricamora) are the only couple who stuck around with each other, despite all odds and upheavals. Their relationship has been a fan favorite and people gush over their relationship. Even when Connor is about to go to jail and they see no hope for their married life, fans keep shipping and praying for them to get together. Their romance is the best one on the show and will definitely be missed.


'HTGAWM' might be an incredible work of fiction, with a lot of drama, but it is also a story of struggles, psychological journey, and relationships that can make or break your life.

Get ready for a finale like no other, as ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Season 6 Episode 15 airs on Thursday, May 14, 10 pm/9c, only on ABC. 


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