'How To Get Away With Murder' Season 6 Episode 11: FBI's own agent kills Asher leaving fans in disbelief

'How To Get Away With Murder' Season 6 Episode 11: FBI's own agent kills Asher leaving fans in disbelief
Matt McGorry as Asher Millstone (IMDb)

Spoilers for Episode 11 'Reckoning'

So, the cat is finally out of the bag! After endless speculations on who could have killed Asher Millstone, the truth is right here in front of us. In an edge-of-the-seat Episode 11, we discovered that the FBI's own agent killed Asher.

We didn’t know that she is a federal agent until now but we do know her from a previous episode as an informant planted by Xavier Castillo (Laurel's brother) in Annalise Keating's apartment building to keep an eye on her and her students.

And now, as we find out what she has done, fans are shocked by the betrayal Asher faced for helping the feds and turning on his friends.

A Twitter fan points out how Asher was fooled: "Asher did all that work as a rat cuz he wanted Annalise to go down for crimes she didn't commit & the FBI ended up getting beat in his skull TWICE in one night #HTGAWM."


Another fan cannot believe what she saw. "The FBI is working for the Castillos. OMG. What kind of mess is this!? They really meant it when they said they get Annalise for sending Jorge Castillo, Laurel’s dad, to prison. Wow! He struck a deal to get out early cuz he found out where Laurel & Christopher are hiding. #HTGAWM."

Some fans are of the opinion that it is all the FBI's doing. Although the agent works for the Castillos, it is possible that the feds and Laurel’s family are in this together to cover up for all their crimes.


“I dont think the Castillo family sent the FBI lady to kill Asher I think it's the FBI that actually sent her to kill Asher so as to make them all turn against Annalise That was why the FBI guy called her in to see if Gabriel will recognize her as d murderer #HTGAWM”, one theorizes.

Another says, "I think it could be both. The end game for them is Annalise. Having the kids signing the deal to testify against Annalise was the trap set by killing Asher. #HTGAWM."


One fan has a completely opposite theory: "I don’t think the entire FBI is in on it. I think they don’t know they have a rogue agent working with the Castillos. #HTGAWM."

At this point, it is extremely difficult to trust anyone's intentions. Every character has their own motive to turn against their closest one and would go to any length to save themselves.


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