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How many trucks have joined the Freedom Convoy? Thousands protest vax mandates at Ottawa

Are there really more than 250,000 truckers in the Freedom Convoy? Read on to find out
UPDATED JAN 31, 2022
Ottawa truckers join the Freedom Convoy to protest vaccine mandates (Twitter/4K Guy)
Ottawa truckers join the Freedom Convoy to protest vaccine mandates (Twitter/4K Guy)

The 'Freedom Convoy' gathered at the Canadian capital of Ottawa is gaining global attention slowly as more and more truckers and citizens join the protest against the vaccine mandate. As thousands of truckers blocked the US-Canada border highway, the city of Ottawa came to a near-standstill. The movement continues to gain more momentum with each passing day while Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau refuses to withdraw the vaccine mandate. 

Over the past weekend, PM Trudeau and his family had to be evacuated in secret as the blockade created ample chaos near the Parliament in downtown Ottawa. While many are claiming the number of truckers in the Freedom Convoy to be in the thousands, others are claiming it to be more than 250,000. Though the exact number of truckers is yet to be ascertained, Facebook and Politifact together have started a fact-checker to find out the exact number of truckers participating in the protest. 


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Trucks from all around the country are traveling to Ottawa to join the protest creating major blockades across state and national roadways. Drone video footages of Ottawa highways show thousands of trucks lined up for miles and miles as protesters gather with slogans and placards alongside the road.

According to Politifact, cops in Toronto and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police failed to give any specific answer about the exact size of the Freedom Convoy. Meanwhile, one of the organizers, Benjamin Dichter claimed that the convoy covers more than 70 km from British Columbia to Ottawa. "We're in this one for the long haul. We don't have a time limit. Right now, yeah, it's really cold, but we hang in there, the days are going to get longer and we take this block party and put it into overdrive," Dichter added.   


A press release posted by Freedom Convoy group on Facebook on January 26 stated, "Although our initial convoy (is) estimated to be 1,600 trucks, that number significantly increased to 36,000 trucks in just a few days. It is now estimated that the number of heavy trucks heading to Ottawa is closer to 50,000." It is believed by authorities that the number is steadily increasing with trucks converging in on Ottawa from all sides and with no end in near sight. 

According to The Sun,  "There are estimates the Canadian convoy could compromise 50,000 trucks from West, East, and even from the United States. It’s difficult to speculate what will translate in the days ahead."