GoFundMe slammed for blocking over $5M in donations to anti-vax 'Freedom Convoy' truckers

The group reportedly had received donations from more than 66,000 donors and raised more than $5.1 million as of Wednesday, January 26

                            GoFundMe slammed for blocking over $5M in donations to anti-vax 'Freedom Convoy' truckers
The group 'Freedom Convoy' reportedly received donations from more than 66,000 donors as of Wednesday, January 26. (Twitter)

GoFundMe sparked a major backlash after it blocked access to over $5.1 million raised by a trucker "Freedom Convoy" protesting Covid-19 vaccine mandates in Canada.

The group reportedly had received donations from more than 66,000 donors as of Wednesday, January 26, after thousands of Canadian truckers participated in the convoy due to a January 15 deadline designed to force unvaccinated drivers from observing a two-week quarantine and Covid-19 test before crossing into Canada from the US. The US has also implemented new restrictions starting January 22 that require non-citizens crossing into Canada to show proof of vaccination.


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“We require that fundraisers be transparent about the flow of funds and have a clear plan for how those funds will be spent. In this case, we are in touch with the organizer to verify that information,” GoFundMe spokeswoman Rachel Hollis said in an email, the Toronto Star​ reported. “Funds will be safely held until the organizer is able to provide the documentation to our team about how funds will be properly distributed,” the report added.



The fundraising campaign outlined its goals in the description of the GoFundMe website. “To our fellow Canadians, the time for political overreach is over. Our current government is implementing rules and mandates that are destroying the foundation of our businesses, industries, and livelihoods. Canadians have been integral to the fabric of humanity in many ways that have shaped the planet,” organizer Tamara Lich wrote. “We are a peaceful country that has helped protect nations across the globe from tyrannical governments who oppressed their people, and now it seems it is happening here. We are taking our fight to the doorsteps of our Federal Government and demanding that they cease all mandates against its people,” she added.



The group hopes to use the donations to cover travel expenses related to the convoy. “We are asking for donations to help with the costs of fuel first, and hopefully food and lodgings to help ease the pressures of this arduous task,” Lich explained as truckers headed toward the nation's capital of Ottawa. “I wouldn’t be surprised if we have 150,000 trucks and truckers and a total of 700,000 people by the time we hit Ottawa,” Northern BC organizer Art Meise of Prince George told Kelowna Now.



GoFundMe was ripped on social media for allegedly withholding funds from the group.

"Interesting: The truckers raised $4.5M in 11 days from 58,300 donors. Leading into the last election in Q2' 2021, the Lib Party raised $3.3M from 36,495 donors," conservative commentator Jenni Byrne tweeted.

"Now #GoFundMe is trending because leftists want to CANCEL the funding for the trucker convoy. Don't let them win!" journalist Mark Saplenksi added.

"#GoFundMe please dont remove freedom convoy 2022 Canadian's freedoms & rights. Are on the line. The Trudeau government is labeling this peaceful convoy as a violent and terrorist organization, which is not true The truckers are raising awareness for the unconstitutional mandates," one Twitter user wrote.

"Trudeau’s henchman Butts is trying to label the truckers convoy as a “terrorist organization” to halt the GoFundMe campaign. How disgustingly vile, and drunk on their own power can they get? GoFundMe knows there is zero evidence that truckers are terrorists, so they must pay up," someone else chimed in.









Responding to the outrage, conservative Alberta Premier Jason Kenney urged the government to extend an exemption that had originally been in place for truckers. “Common sense tells us that we are at the peak of supply chain constraints across North America, around the world, huge inflation,” Kenney noted.

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