How did SqueakPivot die? News of Pivot Gang's DJ's death in Chicago leaves fans shocked

How did SqueakPivot die? News of Pivot Gang's DJ's death in Chicago leaves fans shocked
PivotSqueak from hip hop collective Pivot Gang has died in Chicago (PivotGang's website)

Chicago's hip-hop collective of individual rappers, Pivot Gang, lost one of their members DJ squeakPIVOT in the evening of Monday, August 16. His bio on the group's website said, "taught myself how to backflip, I'm a painter, rutabaga connoisseur." A couple of hours before his death, he shared a self-affirmation message with his followers on Instagram which read, "All worries and anxieties are leaving my mind, making space for calmness and peace." 

Speaking of shocking deaths in 2021, DJ and EDM producer Pierce Fulton died after a long struggle with mental health issues in May. He is survived by his wife Anastasia, brother Griff, sister Addie, and parents. The cause of his death was speculated as suicide. On Saturday, August 14, hip-hop star, rapper McZumbi, died of unknown causes. He is survived by his mother, brother, and three sons. Affiliate of legends Ice Cube and Tupac Shakur, Gonzoe, was shot dead at a Seattle gas station on July 31. 


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How did SqueakPivot die?

"Can’t be uh fallen if ya head still high," Squeak wrote on his Twitter page hours before news of his death started making the rounds on the Internet. The cause of his death hasn't been confirmed by Pivot Gang members, however, there's a tweet by a fan that suggests Squeak could have been shot. "Rip Squeak. My city is reaching the highest levels of homicide year after year. No one's winning. @chicagosmayor is awful but God help these young men find a better way," the tweet said. We will update the article with more details as they emerge. 

Squeak's death has left his fans in shock and a lot of them have taken to Twitter to express their grief over the loss. "Sending love and prayers to my PivotGang brothers. RIP Squeak :( I cannot believe that at all," a fan tweet read. "Blessed to have been able to talk to you even if it was only one time. Truly a kind, genuine soul and talented individual. Thoughts to anyone who held you close in their hearts. It’s heartbreaking. RIP SQUEAK PIVOT," another tweet read. 

"During our cross country drive, @dayzeyed and I had a free night in Chicago, and it was spent watching Squeak DJ a flawless set and provide good vibes to everyone in the room. RIP Squeak. Condolences to @PIVOTGANG" wrote another fan. "Heart is broken. so fucking unfair. RIP Squeak. love and light to Pivot, to family, to all those grieving," another fan tweeted. "God damn. That shit is really heartbreaking, man. RIP Squeak. Sending love to his family, oh man," another tweet read.







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