The secret life of Miss USA Regina Turner: How call girl hid her job from hubby Dr Han Jo Kim

The Manhattan spinal surgeon finalized his divorce from Turner before a public hearing could take place

                            The secret life of Miss USA Regina Turner: How call girl hid her job from hubby Dr Han Jo Kim
Regina Turner and Dr Han Jo Kim have finalized their divorce (YouTube/Miss USA, LinkedIn)

A Manhattan spinal surgeon who finalized his divorce from a former Miss Connecticut USA contestant on Monday, July 26, alleged that his wife hid her secret sex work by telling him she was going out with girlfriends or traveling due to work. Dr Han Jo Kim also accused Regina Turner of lying about working on an app supported by a wealthy Chinese investor.

The bitter divorce between Kim and Turner was settled outside the court before a public hearing could take place, spokesman for the state Office of Court Administration said. In his court filings, the top New York City spine surgeon alleged that his estranged beauty queen wife was cheating on him as a high-priced call girl. In the 264-page filing in Manhattan Supreme Court, Kim claimed that he was conned by Turner, who covered her “secret life as a prostitute for wealthy men”.


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The 41-year-old doctor further alleged that Turner, who was named Miss Connecticut USA in 2011, received around $700,000 in cash from her clients while living a double life before and after their November 2015 marriage. Kim filed for divorce in December last year after he found a suggestive iMessage meant for Turner while using a computer in one of their million-dollar homes. He soon got to know about her double life and about her rich clients that included an eminent businessman, a New Jersey-based real estate executive, and an award-winning lighting designer.

Dr. Han Jo Kim and Regina Turner (Facebook/Regina Kim)

“Not to belabor the obvious but ... defendant clearly committed material fraud upon Dr Kim by concealing her sale of sexual services in exchange for money prior to the marriage. As is further obvious, plaintiff would have never married defendant absent her lies and concealment,” Kim said in court papers that added: “On many of the occasions that defendant represented that she was out with girlfriends, she was in fact providing sexual services in exchange for money to men.”

Reports said that the real estate executive had paid a total of $185,500 to Turner while giving a number of checks for $2,000. The lighting designer’s company had also sent $116,000 over six years. But still, the former beauty queen said in January that she was “totally dependent on (Kim) for support.” “It remains inconceivable to plaintiff that given his substantial earnings as a spine surgeon, and his enormous generosity to the defendant, that defendant continued to sell sex for money during the marriage,” the complaint stated.


In the court filing, Kim alleged that while he was dating Turner, she told him she’s working on an app, which was supposedly built to let users take a picture of clothes and find out where they were sold. The app was reportedly supported by a man from China. At the time, the woman also claimed that she was surviving by using a $500,000 inheritance from her great-grandmother.

Not just about her profession and money, Turner also allegedly lied about her education to Kim. She told him she was a chemistry major at the University of Connecticut for three years before she took a leave of absence to take part in the Miss USA competition. However, the truth reportedly was she was not even a high school graduate.