Who is Flavia Tamayo? Ex-Playboy cover girl and porn star jailed for drugs and prostitution ring

Flavia Tamayo is known for the beauty of her butts and won the Miss BumBum contestin 2018

                            Who is Flavia Tamayo? Ex-Playboy cover girl and porn star jailed for drugs and prostitution ring
Flavia Tamayo (Instagram)

A Playboy cover girl has reportedly been jailed for eight years for running a sex and drugs gang in Brazil. The model was reportedly arrested last year.

Investigators reportedly found that the model and porn star and her accomplices specialized in the distribution and sale of Class A narcotics, including cocaine


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Who is Flavia Tamayo?

The 22-year-old model and porn star, who also goes by the name Pamela Pantera, was reportedly part of a drug-trafficking gang set up by prostitutes. Law enforcement authorities found they had been selling the drugs to wealthy customers in Federal District, Brazil’s central highlands that is home to the national capital, Brasília.

"The information we have is that she created a package, a combo of prostitution and drug sales, either for the consumption of that [sexual] relationship or for a later," said prosecutor Rafael Correa. "She worked at first as a call girl providing drugs to people who were contracting her services. But there is also evidence that she also had something like a drug delivery service in the federal capital."

During the raids carried out by the police on June 5, 2020, law enforcement authorities served 37 arrest warrants. They also seized large amounts of cocaine, firearms, and ammunition during the raids. When she was arrested last year, she was found with a small amount of marijuana and rolled-up dollar bills which she said were used to take drugs. When police officers tried to apprehend her, she reportedly caused a scene at a hotel, taking her clothes off in front of the officers and guests.

As per the Daily Mail, CCTV footage of her arrest shows her carrying shopping bags as she is approached by a plain-clothes officer who takes her by the arm and leads her away. 

While prostitution itself is not illegal in Brazil, employing sex workers and running brothels are. Inducing or attracting an individual to prostitution or any other form of sexual exploitation and obstructing his/her/their release is a crime punishable with two to five years’ imprisonment. Maintaining an establishment in which sexual exploitation occurs is also a crime that carries the same punishment. Explore or taking advantage of prostitution and obtaining financial gain with the acts carries similar imprisonment and fines.

A court said that the model can serve her sentence in a semi-open regime and the sentence can be appealed. Tamayo, who once featured on the cover of Playboy in Portugal, has been dubbed the "Powder Queen". She also participated in the Miss BumBum Brazil contest, which she won in 2018. The pageant is a nationwide contest to find the best pair of buttocks in the country. Twenty-seven contestants, who represent the country’s different states, participate in the pageant.