Dillon Jordan: Producer of 'The Kindergarten Teacher' arrested for running prostitution ring

Dillon Jordan was arrested in California but faces charges in New York for running a prostitution ring as an event planning and production company

                            Dillon Jordan: Producer of 'The Kindergarten Teacher' arrested for running prostitution ring
Dillon D Jordan attends the LA Special Screening of A24's 'Skin' at ArcLight Hollywood on July 11, 2019, in Hollywood, California (David Livingston/Getty Images)

Federal prosecutors have indicted movie producer Dillon Jordan on charges of running a prostitution ring. Jordan was arrested in San Bernandino, California, on July 15 and could possibly be extradited to New York, where he has been charged. A California native, the indie movie producer is alleged to have run the ring between 2010 and 2017, with the help of a British national. 

Accusations of prostitution have dogged Hunter Biden since September 2020, when Senate Republicans released a report claiming he sent "thousands of dollars" to Eastern European traffickers. In July 2020, we also reported on child sex trafficking in Nevada, a state where prostitution is legal. The state isn't the only one dealing with woes from legalized prostitution. In early 2021, Amsterdam officials decided to move the city's famous red-light district out of the city center in a bid to revamp the city as more "family-friendly". 


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Despite these efforts, sex trafficking and prostitution remain a major international problem. As the case of Jordan shows, it's not limited to a single city or state, but can often span international borders. This is everything we know about Jordan and the ring he is alleged to have run.

A car slows down for two female police officers posing as prostitutes on Holt Boulevard, during a major prostitution sting operation on November 12, 2004, in Pomona, California (David McNew/Getty Images)

Who is Dillon Jordan?

The 49-year-old film producer is a native of Hollywood and grew up in Los Angeles. Little is actually known about Jordan, who maintains a low profile and works on mostly indie films. In 2013, he founded 'PaperChase Films' and produced the Maggie Gyllenhaal-starrer 'The Kindergarten Teacher'. The film debuted at Sundance and was later acquired by Netflix.  It later backed Joseph Kahn’s 'Bodied', 'Skin' by Academy Award-winner Guy Nattiv, and Jouri Smit's 'Heavy'. In 2019, he served as the executive producer of Vincent D'Onofrio's 'The Kid'. 

In 2017, Jordan got a big break when he secured a first-look deal with music video director Kevin Kerslake. In 2018, IRA Capital and PaperChase entered a multi-million dollar financing deal. The deal began in 2019, but it was never revealed how much it was worth. Jordan doesn't appear to have a presence on Instagram or Twitter so there is little else we could learn about him. Jordan also goes by several other names, such as Daniel Jordan, Daniel Maurice Hatton and Daniel Bohler, according to court documents.

A posted for the 2018 indie film 'Skin' that was produced by Dillon Jordan. (PaperChase films)

FBI says 'party is over'

The producer was indicted in the Southern District of New York on July 15 for his long-running prostitution business. The Department of Justice press release says he fronted the ring through a "purported party and event planning company and an actual movie production company". It is unclear at the moment if PaperChase Films is the company, or if Jordan had started another. He reportedly opened several bank accounts for the companies and disguised the nature, source and origin of all money obtained from prostitution.

According to the DoJ, Jordan ran the international ring between 2010 and 2017. He "maintained a roster of women who resided around the United States and who, in exchange for payment, performed sexual acts for Jordan's clients," they add. The release alleged Jordan was directly involved in the ring, by sending photos of the women to clients, communicating rates and even arranging for their travel. 

"To facilitate his prostitution business, Jordan also coordinated with a United Kingdom-based madam by sharing and referring customers and prostitutes," the DoJ says. The name of the British woman has not been revealed, she is simply identified as "co-conspirator 1" in court documents. The documents also cite two specific cases. One from 2011 and another from 2016 both allege a woman was forced into sex work in Manhattan. 

Perhaps aptly, FBI Special Agent-in-Charge George M Crouch Jr said, "Now the party is over and the film is a wrap." Jordan has been charged with one count of conspiracy to violate the Mann Act, one count of enticement, one count of use of interstate commerce to promote unlawful activity, and one count of money laundering. If found guilty on any one charge, he could face anywhere between five to 20 years in jail. If found guilty of all four, he faces up to 50 years. 

Since the news of Jordan's arrest, PaperChase films has taken down its website and Facebook page and turned its Instagram account private.