How did Ned Beatty die? 'Deliverance' star was 'incredible character actor', say fans

Ned Beatty died at 83 on June 13 and is survived by his wife Sandra Johnson and his eight children from the previous three marriages

                            How did Ned Beatty die? 'Deliverance' star was 'incredible character actor', say fans
Ned Beatty died at the age of 83 at his Los Angeles home on June 13 (Bruce Glikas/Getty Images)

Ned Beatty, a veteran actor famous for his notable work portraying roles in popular movies such as 'Deliverance', 'Superman' and 'Network' to name a few, has died. He was once hailed as the "busiest actor in Hollywood" by Daily Variety, and rightly so. Beatty appeared in a number of significant movies. He died aged 83 and is survived by his wife Sandra Johnson and his eight from his past marriages — Blossom, Doug, twins Charles and Lennis, Wally, Jon, Thomas and Dorothy.

Beatty died on Sunday, June 13, and his reps confirmed that he died of natural causes. He breathed his last in his sleep at his Los Angeles home and was surrounded by his family. No other information pertaining to what might have caused his death is available. However, it's being reported that his death has nothing to do with Covid-19 that has claimed the lives of many across the globe. This also includes celebrities such as Barbara Shelley, John Richardson, Steve Carver and Larry King to name a few. 


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Beatty was a fan favorite and his death seems to have affected fans the same as Samuel E Wright's death earlier last month. Wright was famous for his voice acting role of Sebastian the crab in 'The Little Mermaid'. He died on May 24 at his New York City home surrounded by family, following a three-year battle with prostate cancer. 

Actor Ned Beatty and wife Sandra Johnson arrive at the Paramount Pictures premiere of the film 'Shooter' at the Mann Village Theatre on March 8, 2007, in Westwood, California (Getty Images)

Ned Beatty movies and awards

Beatty appeared in 'Nashville', the 1975 movie where he played Lily Tomlin's hustler-lawyer husband. He portrayed a typical Miami district attorney in Alan J Pakula's 'All the President's Men' in 1976, dabbled with comedy by taking on the role of Lex Luthor's (played by Gene Hackman) sidekick Otis in 'Superman' in 1978 and the sequel that came in 1980. He was also a huge name in television and was seen in some of the best roles which include NBC's 'Homicide: Life of the Street' where he portrayed Detective Stanley Bolander. He also appeared on NBC's telefilm 'The Execution of Private Slovik' in 1974. 

Other movie appearances by Beatty include 'White Lightning', 'WW and the Dixie Dancekings' and 'Stroker Ace'. His talents were soon rewarded as he won several awards for his stellar performances including an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor for his role in 'Network' which came out in 1976. He also received an Emmy Award nomination for Best Actor for his performance in 'Friendly Fire' and Best Supporting Actor nomination for 'Last Train Home'. 

Actor Ned Beatty attends the 'YouthAIDS Annual Benefit Gala 2003' at Capitale on October 27, 2003, in New York City (Evan Agostini/Getty Images)

'Fantastic character actor. One of the greats'

"Ned Beatty was an amazing actor. Good in everything he was ever in. RIP," wrote author and political activist Don Winslow on Twitter. "An actor with greater range than the Hubble Telescope, actor Ned Beatty has sadly passed at 83. (Superman: The Movie, 1978; Network, 1976; Deliverance, 1972; Toy Story 3, 2010)," tweeted movie critic Marshall Julius. "RIP to the one and only Stanley Bolander, dear to me because he helped pull my ass off the rewrite desk and launch me in television. But my favorite of Ned Beatty’s many great roles: “Hear My Song.” Going to watch that gentle masterpiece again in his memory," journalist and TV producer David Simon tweeted. 

"The primal forces of nature have come to collect Ned Beatty. He was great in NETWORK, SUPERMAN, DELIVERANCE and the TV series HOMICIDE (and so much more), but don’t forget his chilling, villainous turns in WHITE LIGHTNING and MIKEY AND NICKY," comedian Patton Oswalt tweeted. "Just heard that Ned Beatty passed away in his sleep. It was a joy and an incredible honor to work with him. Thanks, Ned, for bringing Lotso to life — both his good side and his not-so-good side. We'll miss you," tweeted 'Toy Story 3' director Lee Unkrich. "RIP Ned Beatty I loved him the most when he starred in a TV show called 'Homicide Life on the Street'," wrote Ned Beatty's fan. Another fan said, "Fantastic character actor. One of the greats. He always made any role he took on, his own, made it special. Condolences to his family and friends." Another remembered him as an "Incredible character actor."









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