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'Home Sweet Home Alone' Ending Explained: Home is where family resides

Pam and Jeff McKenzie must steal back a priceless antique all while fending off a determined Max
Archie Yates as Max in 'Home Sweet Home Alone' (Disney+)
Archie Yates as Max in 'Home Sweet Home Alone' (Disney+)

Spoilers for 'Home Sweet Home Alone' 

'Home Sweet Home Alone' begins with Jeff (Rob Delaney) and Pam McKenzie (Ellie Kemper) holding an open house for their home. Pam is a teacher and Jeff who has lost his job cannot afford to pay their mortgage forcing them to sell their house and move. Max Mercer (Archie Yates) and his mom Carol (Aisling Bea) use the open house as an excuse to let Max use the bathroom. While waiting for his mum we see Rob and Max interact and spot some dolls that Rob's mother left him with. Carol recognizes one of the dolls as a Schneider Kinder which she says is an antique she saw sell for a lot of money on TV. Rob dismisses this and the mother and son leave.

Meanwhile, Max is unhappy about their relatives coming over and whines to his mum when the house gets chaotic with his cousins as he wishes he was the only one in the house. He falls asleep in the car parked in the garage where he went for some peace and ends up getting left behind in the morning. Rob's brother Hunter (Timothy Simons), his wife Mei (Ally Maki) and son Ollie (Aiden Wang) come for a stay. Rob meanwhile looks up the doll's worth online and finds it to be worth hundreds of dollars, but upon searching finds it missing. He assumes Max took it due to a result of him being rude to the kid.  Read on to know how the movie ended


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Max celebrates his freedom while Rob decides to steal back the doll. Initially against it, Pam decides to wait but later changes her mind. While staking out the house Max overhears the couple and misinterprets them talking about the doll as them trying to kidnap him and sell him off. The kid arms himself and lays down traps in preparation before Pam and Jeff arrive at midnight. While Carol rushes back on the next flight from Tokyo, Max's elaborate traps work their magic. Pam and Jeff get continually bested by the child as they fall about, get set on fire, have things smash in their face, fall in frozen pools, and more. The couple suffers various injuries as they look for the doll but all in vain. The fun stops when finally the trio has a talk.

Aisling Bea as Carol Mercer in 'Home Sweet Home Alone' (Disney+)

What happens at the end of 'Home Sweet Home Alone'?

After telling Max they just want the doll back it is revealed that he did not steal it. In the process, the misunderstanding about getting kidnapped too gets cleared. Max admits he misses his family and that home doesn't feel like home without them. Jeff and Pam who are parents themselves understand and take him in till his mom arrives. At McKenzie's house, the couple is forced to break the news about them selling their house to the kids. Pam tells her children that what makes the house special is them.

While they all wonder where the missing doll is, Ollie emerges from the bedroom with it in hand. The young child throws it up in the air as a slo-mo scene sees them all trying to catch it before it falls. In the end, it's Max who manages to save the day as they all rejoice. Carol arrives and the mother and son embrace. 

One year later we are shown Carol and Max at McKenzie's house which they didn't have to sell, as they all gather for a Christmas dinner.

Rob Delaney as Jeff McKenzie in 'Home Sweet Home Alone' (Disney +)

'Home Sweet Home Alone' ended with the message of the importance of family and is now available to stream on'Disney+.