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Hilary Duff gets mom-shamed for not safely strapping in 3-year-old daughter Banks

When Hilary Duff did not strap her daughter Banks safely to the car seat, she was slammed online by followers
Hilary Duff's daughter Banks with Molly Bernard, Hilary's former co-star in the car's backseat (Instagram and Getty Images)
Hilary Duff's daughter Banks with Molly Bernard, Hilary's former co-star in the car's backseat (Instagram and Getty Images)

In a video shared online, Hilary Duff's three-year old daughter Banks is seen riding in the backseat of the car without a car seat and without the safety belt. As viewers watched this, they slammed the mother for this careless behavior. Under the current laws in California, all children under the age of eight must be secured in a car seat or a booster seat when in the back seat.

Hilary Duff's former co-star Molly Bernard shared adorable videos and images of Duff's daughter Banks. In the first slide itself, Banks is seen talking really quickly, leaning forward toward the camera and there is no booster car seat in sight. Banks also doesn't seem to be secured with the main seat belt of the car though her next picture does show a lap belt.


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As per the current laws in California, children who are eight years or older or have reached the minimum height of 4'9" must be secured with the help of the belt of the car seat. The use of an additional car seat or booster seat is optional. Fans lost their minds over the mother's carelessness. Here are some comments from the Instagram post of the original video. 



While one user explained the severe risks of not strapping young children in a safety device by saying, "Worked a fatality accident involving a 4 year old, no car seat, no booster. Only lap belt. Broke her neck and lap belt severed organs in belly. There is a reason for these recommendations.", another said, "why isn't she strapped into a 5 point harness car seat?" On Molly's Instagram post, another user said, "This would be the last time you were ever with my child 😮"


Comparing this to what happened with Britney Spears and her kids, this user pointed out, "You do realize that Britney Spears had her kids taken away from her for not having her kids be in a booster seat. Be better."  Another said, "A child at that age [should be] strapped in with a car seatbelt, would catapult right out upon impact. It’s our responsibility as parents to ensure the safety of our children in any situation. Seatbelts save life’s."

In the first video, initially it looks like the belt is behind Duff's daughter Banks. However, when viewed carefully, the lower half of the belt is strapped across Banks. But many fans felt that this was not sufficient as a safety measure. As both parents Hilary Duff and Matthew Koma were tagged in this post, it seems like they were seated in the front of the car. The Instagram post also shows a clip from RuPaul's Drag race as Banks says the phrase, "drop dead gorgeous." Banks' birth was welcomed by the couple in 2018.