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Highlights from KARD's '2022 WILD KARD Tour' that will make you want to be a Hidden Kard

Fans share their most favorite moments from KARD's recent shows from the group's 2022 Wild KARD Tour in the USA
From having their fans scream at the top of their lungs to providing visual treats for Hidden Kards, here are some epic moments from the 2022 Wild KARD Tour (@KARD_official)
From having their fans scream at the top of their lungs to providing visual treats for Hidden Kards, here are some epic moments from the 2022 Wild KARD Tour (@KARD_official)

HOUSTON, TEXAS: K-pop's only hybrid group KARD are currently performing the final stage of their North American Tour, '2022 Wild KARD Tour'. Over the last month, KARD toured all over the country including Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, and Dallas. Now as the co-ed group is set to host their final show in the USA leg of the tour, fans are thrilled to see clips of the four members of the group performing on stage. Ever since their debut, KARD has been loved by fans and one reason for their success could be the fact that all four members have a fun rapport with each other.

From BM and Somin sharing fun sibling energy or Jiwoo being the calm and composed stellar performer from the group and J.Seph's excellent vocals, K-pop's first co-ed group has made a name for itself globally. KARD has an insane number of hits right from their old songs like 'Gunshot', 'Oh Na Na Na', 'Red Moon', 'Dumb Litty' or their most recent release, 'Ring The Alarm' from their fifth mini-album, 'RE'. The four members are currently promoting the same album in North America with their final show in Houston but over their past shows, there have been various moments that prove KARD's undeniable popularity internationally. 


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KARD hosts a successful North American Tour

With the sheer number of fans that attended KARD's recent tour, Hidden Kards (fans) can't wait to see what the future holds in store for KARD. The shows from the '2022 Wild KARD Tour' had one highlight point where BM asked fans to scream so that he could measure their decibel volume and the reaction from other members on stage was to die for. Find that and more fun highlights from the '2022 Wild KARD Tour' here.

That moment when Jiwoo finally cussed on stage at KARD's Dallas show meanwhile one more fan blatantly calls Jiwoo their wife, all thanks to her amazing visuals on stage.


BM too saw comments from fans calling him their husband while other fans swooned over his badass performance. 




Somin proved to be a double kill as she had fans calling her cute for wearing a cute headband gifted by fans at one point for Hidden Kards to go feral over her dance moves the next second.



Fans indeed missed J.Seph a lot as his military discharge is still being celebrated months after by fans who dearly missed KARD's rapper and vocal king. On the other hand, some hard stans were surely shocked by J.Seph winking at some Hidden Kards as they all wished it was them he winked at instead.



Fans also got subunit moments from Jiwoo and J.Seph as the former doused him with water and J.Seph extended the favor by pouring water over the fans instead. Meanwhile, as BM recorded the decibel count after making them scream their heart out while Somin gave the cutest reaction witnessed by fans. 




Hidden Kards also swooned over KARD performing their old hits like 'Dumb Litty' or 'Oh Na Na' as well as 'Gunshot' and 'Ring The Alarm' for fans in the states.





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