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'Hell's Kitchen' Season 21 on Fox: Who pays for the food on the reality series and how much does it cost?

Ahead of the season premiere, a look at who pays for the food on the reality series and how much it all costs
'Hell's Kitchen' Season 21 host Gordon Ramsay (Instagram/hellskitchenfox)
'Hell's Kitchen' Season 21 host Gordon Ramsay (Instagram/hellskitchenfox)

You eat, you pay. That's the rule, especially when it comes to fine dining with chefs working insanely hard to dish up epicurean delights to your table. But what about reality shows with amateur chefs where guests are invited to eat for free to judge challenges and maintain the authenticity of a busy kitchen in a high-end restaurant? Take the case of the iconic cooking reality series 'Hell's Kitchen' on Fox, for instance. So let's go behind-the-scenes to figure out who exactly pays for the food on this reality series and its cost.

Fan expectations for this season is really high as 'Hell's Kitchen' Season 21 makes a comeback on our screens. The series premieres globally on September 29, 2022, at 8 PM ET, on Fox. The series features renowned global and Michelin star chef Gordon Ramsay as the host. Audiences enjoy the atmosphere of pressure and tension created by the makers of the series. The show has two teams competing to get into Gordon's good books so that at least one aspiring chef out of the entire lot can become the final winner.


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Who pays for the food on the reality series 'Hell's Kitchen' and how much does it cost?

According to a article dated August 2005, the diners seen dining in the restaurant within the series are not actors. In fact, they all are real people who get recruited to test the authenticity, flavors and taste of the cuisine. These diners have also critiqued the service at the restaurant — from how much time it takes to get the dish perfectly cooked, plated and served, to the presentation and plating techniques.

The diners don't have to pay for their meals in the 'Hell's Kitchen' restaurant. This makes a lot of sense. These diners never get to see the food ordered. Also, as a way to make up for the waiting period in the restaurant, each person who was seen eating the food and gave real reviews, gets paid a certain amount. The amount paid to diners for the much-discussed Season 21, has not been disclosed. Needless to say, the production team picks up the tab for the episodes on the show. It is a fact that since diners have to sign a non-disclosure agreement with the channel, even the audiences don’t have many details about what happens during the taping. 

But outside of the taping, Hell's Kitchen also functions as a normal restaurant in Vegas. According to a menu provided by Yelp reviewers, 'Hell's Kitchen' food menu is not that much costly but is averagely priced, according to the general price range followed in the strip restaurants of Vegas.

Interestingly, talking about the cost to eat in the restaurant, the fixed price menu ranges in between $75 to $95 and offers three different styles of menus to the people. But the price can go up to $135.95 when accompanied with wine. For drinks, cocktails are around $18 to $19 per glass, including a $9 mocktail option for people who do not drink alcoholic cocktails.

To people having a penchant of wanting to indulge in a good wine and fine dining experience, each wine bottle at the restaurant costs between $75 to $240. Wine per glass costs anywhere from $16 to $50 each. The lunch menu at this restaurant, costs $65.95 per head for three courses and $115.95 along with alcoholic booze.

Sides at the restaurant cost $13.95 each, and prices for some of the prominent restaurant's signature and iconic dishes cost a lot. If people want to have 'Beef Wellington', which they have seen on the show, the cost of that dish is $63.95. Other famous dishes like, Jidori Chicken Scallopini costs $32.95. While, the dry-aged New York strip costs $59.95. The inexpensive salad on the menu, the Caesar salad, costs $19.95. Its price increases more on higher side, which is $25.95 when accompanied with grilled chicken. The pumpkin soup costs $14.95.