'Hell's Kitchen' Season 21 Full Cast List: Meet the contestants, judge, and the sous-chefs

'Hell's Kitchen' Season 21 Full Cast List: Meet the contestants, judge, and the sous-chefs
'Hell's Kitchen' Season 21 host Gordon Ramsay (Instagram/hellskitchenfox)

Fox's 'Hell's Kitchen' is coming up for season 21. Moreover, the platform has also renewed the show for season 22. The cooking show will once again witness the battle between the chefs. Similar to the previous seasons of the show, Gordon Ramsay, owner of 35 restaurants, will return as the judge and the host of the show. In the show, Ramsay is portrayed as the bad-mouthed judge who yells at the contestants even for the smallest of mistakes.

The new season will consist of 18 contestants. Following the same pattern as the previous seasons, these contestants will be divided into groups. Furthermore, they will compete either in groups. They will be challenged to make out-of-the-box dishes, and take care of the dietary and allergies restrictions. The one who survives the elimination throughout the show will be given the award of $ 250,000 and gets the opportunity to work at one of Ramsay's restaurants. Keep reading to know the list of cast members coming in 'Hell's Kitchen' Season 21. In the meantine, you can check other cooking shows like 'Chopped' and 'Top Chef'.


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Gordon Ramsay


Ramsay is one of the best-known chefs in the UK. He rose to fame from miniseries 'Boiling Point'. However, Ramsay's nature is shown to be fiery in the show. He makes use of harsh words, bluntness, strictness, and profanity. Ramsay has won various awards for his cooking skills. Along with them, he was also once appointed as Officer of the Order of the British Empire by the late Queen Elizabeth II. The head chef owns 35 restaurants all over the globe.

Jay Santosh


Jay Santosh was a contestant in Season 7 of the show. However, ever since Season 19, he has been on the show as a sous-chef. Santosh will be helping and guiding the blue team contestants participating in this season. He is also the chef and owner of 'the buttermilk bourbon group'.

Christina Wilson


Christina Wilson was a contestant in Season 10 of the show. And, ever since Season 15, she has been featured on the show as the sous-chef. This time she will be helping out the red team. She has worked as the head chef in one of Ramsay's restaurants in Paris Las Vegas. Wilson is from Dallas, Texas.

Marino Monferrato


Marino Monferrato is the maitre d' of 'Hell's Kitchen' ever since Season 13. Monferrato has a laid-back personality. In season 21, he will be helping out the contestants to make the dishes. Moreover, he will be guiding in the presentation of the dishes. 

40-Something contestants- blue team

1. Alex Belew


Alex Belew is 41 years old and owns AB Hospitality. Belew's hometown is in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. He is also the host of podcast 'cooking cocktail and community'. Belew is living his dream by being the chef.

2. Tara Ciannella


A chef and a mother, Tara Ciannella, lives in Congers, New York. She is a private chef and a caterer. Cianella was previously featured in cooking show 'Chopped'. She has now made her way in 'Hell's Kitchen'. Besides enjoying her time by cooking, she also makes sure to take out time to hang out with her daughter.

3. Nicole Gomez


Nicole Gomez lives in Los Angeles, California. Gomez is a private chef. Gomez is also a founder of 'cluck n cleaver'. She has also appeared on various other cooking shows. Gomez was one of the finalists of 'Iron Chef Gauntlet' Season 2. Moreover, she shares the details of her recipes with the fans on her Instagram account 'tiny kitchen story'. 

4. Zeus Gordiany
Zeus Gordiany lives in Milford, Delaware. Gordiany is an executive chef. Gordiany is not much of a social person, therefore less is known about him to the public. Well, 'Hell's Kitchen' will surely bring out more of him.

5. Mindy Livengood


Mother, daughter, and a wife, Mindy Livengood, 42, lives in Liberty Township, Ohio. She is a caterer who enjoys her job. Livengood recently explained to her fan followings on social media that she has been absent since the starting of the year as she was busy shooting for 'Hell's Kitchen'. However, now that she is free, she is making time for her family a passion for cooking.

6. O’Shay Lolley


O’Shay Lolley, 42, lives in New Castle, Delaware. He works as an executive chef. Moreover, he defines himself as a food critic. Lolley loves decorating his foods and creates the best out of the least. Lolley always looks out for perfection in the food. Well, that might be the reason for him to excel in the show.

Abe Sanchez

Abe Sanchez, 42, is a Texas native. He is an executive chef by profession. He is a family man who loves investing time in exploring the new odds of the cooking world. With his social media being private, we know less of him. 

Charlene Sherman


Charlene Sherman, 40, is from Worland, Wyoming. She works as a private chef. Moreover, she defines herself as 'obsessed with anything that goes boom'. Besides being on 'Hell's Kitchen' she was also a contestant in 'Guys Grocery Games'. Sherman loves posing with her delicious foods.

Billy Trudsoe


Billy Trudsoe's hometown is in Melbourne, Florida. He is a head chef. Trudsoe enjoys cooking as much as he enjoys eating. He loves experimenting with his food and always looks out to bring new concept and styles.

20-Something contestants- red team

1. Brett Binninger-Schwartz


Brett Binninger-Schwartz, 26, lives in Dublin, Ohio. He works as an executive chef. Schwartz describes himself as 'chef, husband, pet-dad, and maniac'. He looks out for being creative with simple food items. And, that could be one of his quality that might make him stand out in the crowd in the show.

2. Vlad Briantsev


The co-founder of 'Late Night Chef', lad Briantsev is a 26-year-old sous chef. He is from Chicago, Illinois. Briantsev loves making messes in the kitchen. Moreover, he is an enthusiast and a great cook. It's yet to be seen how long he goes in the show.

3. Ileana D’Silva


Ileana D’Silva, 23, is also a sous chef at Casa Pearl. She is from Gloucester, Virginia. Silva seems to be fond of fish as she is seen posing with one of them on her social media. The chef describes herself as a happy person. Besides being a cook, she loves traveling and exploring the world with her husband and family.

4. Dafne Mejia


Dafne Mejia, 29, is from Los Angeles, California. She works as an executive chef. Mejia describes herself as 'chef by day, cool chick by night'. Indeed, she not only loves cooking but also partying and eating food out. Mejia explores and enjoys her life to the most. Moreover, she is also close to her family.

5. Alejandro Najar


Alejandro Najar, 29, has his home town in Barberton, Ohio. He is an executive chef at 'Unhitched Brew'. Moreover, Najar is married and has a beautiful kid. He fancies cooking, therefore, always looks out not only to make his foods taste good but also makes an effort to make them look good on the plate. He says to his fans 'watch me sweat and cry a little on Hell's Kitchen' Season 21.

6. Cheyenne Nichols


Cheyenne Nichols is just 21 years old and the youngest chef among all. Nichols lives in Louisville, Kentucky. Nichols started cooking from a very young age, and now she has an established career in the same. Moreover, Nichols has a happy personality who loves to hang out with her close circle.

7. Alyssa Osinga


23-year-old Alyssa Osinga's hometown is in Chicago, Illinois. She works as a line cook. Osinga describes her passion to be in food as well as traveling. She loves going too places and exploring the unique dishes. Indeed, she also tries giving a touch of her style to each dish. She is very excited to be on 'Hell's Kitched'. The chef says that finally she is get a chance to live life.

8. Sommer Sellers


Sommer Sellersis a 24-year-old lead line cook. She has her hometown is in Brooklyn, New York. Sellers is dedicated to her passion. The chef recently opened her own catering services. She further says that the show has given her such experience in life that she never thought she needed.

9. Sakari Smithwick


Sakari Smithwick, 24, is from New York and works as a pop-up chef and is an entrepreneur. He is also the chef and the founder of 'Noble Promise Studios'. Not only about cooking, but Smithwick also has knowledge about apparel. He owns a clothing brand named, 'peace and parmesan'. Smithwick is also a big fan of sports.

'Hell's Kitchen' Season 21 is all set to release on September 29 at 8 pm ET/PT on Fox.

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