What is Gordon Ramsay's net worth? Here's a look at the massive fortune of 'Hell's Kitchen' Season 19 host

How much does he really make from shouting at contestants on reality cooking TV shows?

                            What is Gordon Ramsay's net worth? Here's a look at the massive fortune of 'Hell's Kitchen' Season 19 host
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There is no one on the Internet who does not know Gordon Ramsay. If you haven't seen him shouting across the kitchen platform at contestants on 'Hell's Kitchen' or 'Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares', you may have seen him be a helpful, loving mentor on 'MasterChef Junior'. The most popular television chef might have 35 top-class restaurants across the world but he is best known for his seemingly controversial but equally entertaining quips on competitive cooking TV shows. 

Ramsay founded his global restaurant chain, Gordon Ramsay Restaurants, in 1997, but he really rose to fame after 1999 with the British miniseries 'Boiling Point'. By 2004, he had become one of the best-known and most influential chefs in the UK. 

By default, cooking is therapeutic. Flavors, fragrances, aromas and textures, for many years, television focused on these aspects of cooking too. But what makes Ramsay's content on TV really entertaining is his personality. Famous for his coarse language, strict demeanor, bluntness and fiery temper, Ramsay brings the "it" factor to his shows.

No wonder then that he has received acclaim for his work namely 'The F Word' and 'Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares', for which he won the BAFTA for Best Feature at the 2005 British Academy Television Awards. The American versions of 'Hell's Kitchen', 'Kitchen Nightmares', 'MasterChef', 'MasterChef Junior', as well as 'Hotel Hell' and '24 Hours to Hell and Back' are watched and enjoyed by a global audience. 

According to Forbes, Gordon Ramsay is the only chef on their Celebrity 100 list of 2020 standing at #19. With his 35 restaurants worldwide and thousands of dollars in holdings, he is also the richest by miles. 

In 2020, Forbes listed his earnings at $70 million for the previous 12 months and ranked him the 19th-highest-earning celebrity in the world. According to the article, Ramsay's shows account for more than 75 hours of programming and more than $150 million yearly in ad sales for Fox. 

Ramsay is clearly one of the richest and most celebrated chefs in the entire world. But he also joins the ranks of multimillionaire celebrity businesspeople who jeopardized the income of their employees by sacking staff in the hundreds in the midst of the 2020 pandemic (We're looking at you Victoria Beckham and Posh).

In March 2020, he laid off more than 500 staff members in the UK after several restaurants had to temporarily shut down. At the time, his personal net income was estimated to be $63 million (Forbes, 2019) and he was criticized widely for the lay-offs.

You can watch Ramsay return to television on Season 19 of 'Hell’s Kitchen' which premieres at 8 pm on Thursday, January 7, on Fox.

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