'He's a magical man': Helen Mirren admits she cried when 'Inkheart' co-star Brendan Fraser won Oscar

'He's a magical man': Helen Mirren admits she cried when 'Inkheart' co-star Brendan Fraser won Oscar
Helen Mirren (L) has a lot of respect for former co-star Brendan Fraser (R) (Frazer Harrison/Getty Images, Arturo Holmes/Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Oscar-winning actress Helen Mirren acknowledged that watching one specific actor win the Academy Award on March 12 made her cry. The actress, 77, was promoting her most recent movie, 'Shazam!: Fury of the Gods', said that she was in a restaurant when her friend Brendan Fraser, 54, received the Best Actor award for his performance in 'The Whale' in an interview on 'The Kelly Clarkson Show' on March 17.


In a vibrant yellow dress with long sleeves and an A-line skirt, the actress revealed that, "I cried when Brendan Fraser got the award." A black belt and a black headband secured around her long golden hair completed the ensemble. "That's so cool," commented the host, Kelly Clarkson, 40, "he did such an incredible job."


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'He's such a lovely person'

Brendan and Helen co-starred in the 2008 fantasy movie 'Inkheart'. The main character of the movie is an adolescent girl who learns that her father has a remarkable ability to make characters come to life in books. She, her father, and her aunt must work together to stop a villain from destroying them all when he flees.


"He's such a lovely person," the actress said of her former co-star. "I'm sure you know what a beautiful man he is. He's a magical man, I think. And he was clearly very, very moved, it was a huge moment for him, so it was the right person for me, the way he responded to it, I just found it very moving."



The artist continued by saying that, in her opinion, his victory "was the highlight" of the entire show. "I love that when you're rooting for someone," said Kelly, "because you believe in them, or their project, or whatever it might be, and they win. That's a good feeling for everyone involved. It's great."

'I reached into my bag and got my Oscar and held it up'

When Helen arrived in London following the 2007 Best Actress ceremony for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II, she had her own unique moment. "While waiting at baggage claim, someone spotted me and started applauding," the versatile actress told Variety. "Word started traveling, and soon the whole baggage hall was applauding." Helen was carrying her award in her hand luggage. "It was so incredible. Of course, I couldn’t resist — I reached into my bag and got my Oscar and held it up. I cried, I have to say; it was so touching and lovely."

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 Helen Mirren reveals she cried when Brendan Fraser won Oscar