‘He seems cursed:’ Friends urge Arnold Schwarzenegger to hire chauffer and stop 'cruising around' after he hit LA cyclist with SUV

‘He seems cursed:’ Friends urge Arnold Schwarzenegger to hire chauffer and stop 'cruising around' after he hit LA cyclist with SUV
Arnold Schwarzenegger's friends have urged him to quit cruising around Los Angeles (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Arnold Schwarzenegger's friends have urged him to hire a chauffeur and quit cruising around Los Angeles to avoid accidentally terminating himself. This comes after the former California governor, 75, hit a female cyclist with his black SUV along San Vicente Boulevard in Los Angeles, Brentwood on Saturday, February 4.


The woman, although getting swerved into the lane, was reported stable after being taken to the emergency room of a hospital. The accident had not occurred due to rash driving or Arnold having been under any influence, the Law enforcement sources told, Radar Online.


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'He's still recovering from heart surgery'

“He loves cruising around Los Angeles, but he seems to be cursed, and his friends want him to quit while he’s still ahead,” an insider told the outlet. The pals are urging the millionaire muscleman to travel by limo so he won’t accidentally terminate himself, it said.


His friends even want him to consider heart surgery and call it quits, “He’s still recovering from major heart surgery and needs to consider the overall risks he’s taking,” the source shared further. Law enforcement has further revealed that Arnold was not at fault when the accident happened. They say that the woman made an abrupt turn in front of his car. “It’s being called an unfortunate traffic accident and no crime was committed, but Arnie’s pal thinks it’s time to let someone else do the driving,” said an insider. Arnold took the woman's bike and had it repaired at a local shop, he revealed further.

Although here Arnold not being at fault, In January 2022, he was involved in a multiple-vehicle collision which law enforcement said was his fault. His 'monster' SUV, TMZ reported, rolled over on top of another car, and the driver was badly injured. Arnold was driving a Yukon SUV when it collided with a red Prius at around 5:00 PM PT on 21 January. His SUV started to roll and ended up on top of the Prius, then continued rolling to the left into a Porsche Taycan.


'Looked like a stunt in the movie'

One eyewitness told the outlet, "it was crazy ... it looked like a stunt in a movie. The collision was intense enough that the airbags deployed on the Yukon." The woman who was driving the Prius was injured -- bleeding heavily from her head. She was taken to the hospital by Ambulance. 

The Radar reported the accident back in January last came top of the issues Arnold was dealing with at home. It said the long-term girlfriend  Heather Milligan has grown tired of waiting on him to propose. "Heather has been with Arnold for nine years. She's been patient and waited long enough," a source told the outlet. 


"Arnold had the built-in excuse that he was still legally married, but he can't rely on that any longer," said the insider. "Yet, he's still hemming and hawing" and the "clock is ticking!"

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 ‘He seems cursed:’ Friends urge Arnold Schwarzenegger to hire chauffer after he hit cyclist with car