'He is Psychometric' week 5 reveals why Seung-mo is desperate for Lee Ahn to read him

'He is Psychometric' week 5 reveals why Seung-mo is desperate for Lee Ahn to read him

Last week, we saw 'He is Psychometric' end on a rather disturbing note. Seung-mo realized that the murderer who is behind two fire accidents is after Yoon Jae-in, the girl that Seung-mo sponsored for three years and who is now a detective. She is also training Seung-mo's brother Lee Ahn to get better at Psychometry and is romantically involved with him too. If you recall, Seung-mo had told Jae-in that he wants his brother to get good enough to read him. Lee Ahn has not been able to read Seung-mo for the longest time and the reason had never been explored until the last episode. We saw Seung-mo come to terms with his connection to the murderer. Seung-mo's mother, who is assumed to have died in the fire was abused by a man and this could be the murderer. 

So, how does all of this connect? There is one important revelation that has not been made yet but was hinted at in the previous episodes. Seung-mo cannot differentiate between emotions and hence feels nothing. This became apparent when Lee Ahn discovered the dictionary that Seung-mo uses, which had human emotions highlighted and nothing else. Lee Ahn also got a read on the dictionary, through which he saw Seung-mo's mother teaching little Seung-mo the meaning of one of the emotions. This leads to the assumption that Lee Ahn is unable to read Seung-mo because unlike the others that he has previously done a read on, his brother has no feelings in him to be experienced.  


Seung-mo could be holding memories in him which could lead them to the killer and this is possibly why he is desperate about Lee Ahn reading him. He wants to see if there is anything in him that could lead him to the truth. Which is quite similar to why Jae-in had initially wanted Lee Ahn to read her. To find the truth about why her father was accused in the Yeongsan Apartment fire. She doesn't believe that her father was behind the death of victims who were stabbed or the fire and she cannot live in peace until she finds the truth behind all of this. 


It also seems like the murderer could be Seung-mo's abusive father who had him chained by the ankle when he was young. His mother, who suffered from nervous breakdown every time someone new approached could also be suffering from Post-traumatic stress disorder. The mystery will be solved in the coming episodes which will be aired on Monday and Tuesday on tvN. 

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