'He is Psychometric' week 4 sees Lee Ahn do a read on Jae-in by planting a kiss on her

'He is Psychometric' week 4 sees Lee Ahn do a read on Jae-in by planting a kiss on her

In its fourth week, the plot of 'He is Psychometric' thickened as we saw the face of the villain for the first time. How is he related to Kang Seung-mo (Kim Kwon) and to what extent will he go to get his hands on Kang Seung-mo? He is already a murderer and Seung-mo has come to realize that with the help of detective Eun Ji soo (Kim Da-som), and his brother Lee Ahn (Jin Young). Over the last two episodes, we saw more of Seung-mo's past and how it connected him to Lee Ahn, Yoon Jae-in (Shin Ye-eun) and her father. At some point, Seung-mo had received their sympathy or their help. It must be noted that he was always bleeding at his ankles and this harks back to the murder of the witness who came forward in the hospital fire that occurred two years ago. 

It also became clear that there is someone higher who has influenced the cases of both the Yeongsan Apartment fire in which Lee Ahn lost his parents and the hospital fire. While the perpetrator might be the man who has a personal war going on with Seung-mo, a corporate company is trying to cover up his crimes and the why of it will be explored in the coming episodes. 



Lee Ahn and Jae-in, on the other hand, are busy trying to train him to become better at his psychometry. Somehow, proximity with Jae-in helps Lee Ahn get a better reading than random images, yet, she wants Lee Ahn to train enough to be able to read his brother Seung-mo who continues evading Lee Ahn's questions about the man who stabbed Lee Ahn, and even followed them home. The only thing that he hears is that Seung-mo, a prosecutor who has managed to stay on the right side of the law for the longest time wants to kill a man. This shocks Lee Ahn, who is already going through a complicated issue due to his attraction for Jae-in. 



After a particularly harassing situation when Lee Ahn and Jae-in beat up the bad guys, Jae-in announces that she trusts him enough to let him read her. She stretches out her hands and Lee Ahn says that's not the best place to start. He plants a kiss on her lips and later tells her that lips are the best spot to get a reading. Only, he doesn't get anything. Nada. This angers Jae-in and Lee Ahn suggests that the next time, he should be surprised, and so it has to be her who should do the touching.



This happens too, and it is very romantic, especially as it begins to snow and all Lee Ahn is able to read are memories of himself that Jae-in has and her feelings for him. The two are yet to realize the truth about Jae-in's father or his connection to Lee Ahn and his family. Seung-mo's affection is misread by both Ji soo and the villain. Ji soo feels that he has begun to change after meeting Jae-in again and the villain has begun to follow Jae-in hoping to ruin everything that Seung-mo holds close. As Seung-mo struggles with the truth, it also becomes clear that he could be affected by Alexithymia (subclinical inability to identify and describe emotions in the self) resulting in him even researching about different emotions and using a dictionary to understand each. Lee Ahn is unaware of his brother's condition and is in fact surprised when he smiles widely for the first time when speaking of Ji soo. How will this revelation affect the hunt for the murderer is something that we will have to wait and see. 

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