'He is Psychometric' week 4 preview: Lee Ahn finds out the connection between his attacker and Kang Seung-mo

'He is Psychometric' week 4 preview: Lee Ahn finds out the connection between his attacker and Kang Seung-mo

'He is Psychometric', in its fourth week will see a lot of revelations and a lot of action in terms of solving the murder mystery. Yoon Jae-in (Shin Ye-eun) and Lee Ahn (Jin Young) have partnered up to solve the 'dead woman in a suitcase' incident and we previously saw them make a connection between the murderer and a witness of a fire accident that occurred two years ago. This was a case followed by prosecutor Kang Seung-mo and detective Eun Ji-soo (Kim Da-som). The two were not convinced that the case was wrapped when the said victim was found dead. The circumstances under which the victim was found dead reminds Seung-mo of a traumatic past when he as chained by a man.



As Lee Ahn does a reading on the latest dead body in the block that is connected to many events from the past, he begins to see a pattern. A pattern that involves his brother and Jae-in. This is something that the upcoming episode will expand on. After Jae-in's father hangs himself to death in the last episode, we will see Jae-in read the suicide note that he left behind, a part of which will speak of how he doesn't want his daughter to be caught up in the past, on a case (fire accident at Lee Ahn's apartment) that happened many years ago solely because of him. 



The two brothers will also find out that the man who stabbed Lee Ahn has not only been following Seung-mo for the longest time but has also entered their home as well. Seung-mo's picture with his mother from when he was a child is kept on a frame side by side with Lee Ahn's childhood picture with his parents. However, one of them goes missing, and this in combination with Seung-mo's past where we saw his mother being scared of a man makes us wonder if the prosecutor had an abusive father or if the man was just a stalker of his mother. 



In the preview of next week's episodes, we also Lee Ahn asking his brother, "You know who the man is, don't you? The man who stabbed me and has been following you?" We will have to see what Seung-mo's answer will be to this question. On the other hand, we will also see Jae-in fight her own battle with her father and his last words. Will this mean that she will give up on the case, and working with Lee Ahn or will this further add to her determination of finding the truth about what really happened during the apartment fire? 

The next episodes will air on Monday and Tuesday at 9.30 pm KST on tvN and can also be streamed on Viki. 

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