‘Run’ Episode 2 dubbed ‘psychologically sexy’, fans swoon over Billy and Ruby’s wild ride

‘Run’ Episode 2 dubbed ‘psychologically sexy’, fans swoon over Billy and Ruby’s wild ride
Ruby Richardson and Billy Johnson (HBO)

HBO never fails to amaze us with its sensual content. The network, which is known to bring a lot of sexy moments to television, has offered us yet another show to keep the crazy with its latest dark-comedy series ‘Run’, whose second episode premiered today. 

‘Kiss’ follows Billy Johnson (Domhall Gleeson and Ruby Richardson (Merrit Wever) as they try to come to grips with the possibly life-changing division they made recently. Episode 2 featured more drama in comparison to the first, but a larger amount of ‘horniness’ between characters as they try to relive the sensual time from their past. 

Although the much-craved sex between Billy and Ruby ended even before it all began, the act that led to it has got fans super-excited. While one fan tried to fathom, “Can’t decide if #RunHBO being released while the nation suffers from maximum levels of horniness is a blessing or a curse…”

“I honestly don't completely understand what #RunHBO is about, but it is the sexiest show I've ever seen,” another said on Twitter. 

Meanwhile, several fans have declared that it is the best of a woman’s work, thanks to Phoebe-Waller Bridge’s creation. 

“Anyway #runhbo is EXTREMELY my shit!!!! It’s like as psychologically sexy as Closer was once upon a time?! You can tell it was made by women in the best possible way !!!! I’m hooked I’m a fan how dare you end ep 2 with a @lakestreetdive song I may never recover goodnight!!” wrote one thrilled fan. 
“This show is less than 30 minutes long, I’m at 14 minutes 42 seconds and I have had to pause like 5x to calm down. #RunHBO is trying to kill me,” added another fan. 

Although the chemistry between the lead characters was in abundance, fans wonder what Billy and Ruby thought would happen when they left their lives behind to embrace each other. 

“Like what did Ruby think would happen?! #runhbo also what is Billy’s deal? Ugh so many questions. I love it.,” asked one fan. 

“BRO WTF DOMHNALL GLEESON IS REALLY DOING THE LORD’S WORK IN RUN #RunHBO,” added another to the previous tweet. 

‘Run’ airs on Sundays on HBO.


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 hbo run Episode 2 psychologically sexy as fans swoon over Billy and Ruby wild ride