Trolls mock girl attacked by spider monkey for WALKING BACK to zoo enclosure for 'Round 2'

Trolls mock girl attacked by spider monkey for WALKING BACK to zoo enclosure for 'Round 2'
Screenshots from the startling video (YouTube/6IX WORLD NEWS)

A video that has gone viral on the internet showed a horrifying moment when a young girl was grabbed by the hair by two spider monkeys after she kept hitting their enclosure at a Mexican zoo. The unnamed girl was seen hitting the enclosure fence at a zoo in Mexico, possibly trying to attract the attention of the animals. This was when one spider monkey extended its hand through the enclosure and pulled her hair.

However, the girl was saved when a man scared the animal by waving his t-shirt and pulling her away. But after that, the girl walked back to the enclosure of spider monkeys. As she came near the fence, she was attacked once again, this time by two spider monkeys. The viral clip, which was shared on TikTok by @greciadlg2 last Saturday, July 16, and can be found on YouTube as well.



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After the first spider monkey pulled her hair from the backside, she struggled to free herself. Then the second spider monkey joined its friend too, but before anything really bad could happen, the girl managed to evade their grasp. The girl’s action has been criticized on Youtube, where the video has been uploaded multiple times, with one saying, “Why'd she hit their enclosure? Of course, they'd retaliate.” Another one commented, “She’s a dummy to get that close a second time.” “She really walked back for round 2 she deserved that,” the third person noted online.

A person wrote, “She was on her own when it attacked her! Hope she remembers this growing up.” Another angry person stated, “Why do people mess with ‘Wild’ and ‘Caged’ animals! Ladygirl, you’re lucky that your face wasn’t grabbed! Keep it up, maybe next time, it’ll pull your Face!!!!” A user pointed out, “She's lucky, she  didn't get her scalped ripped off, ppl don't realize how freakishly strong monkeys are until it's too late.” Another concerned user pointed out, “So she is dumb for getting that close, but they should have helped her immediately! People get scalped like that easily." Another user wrote, “MAYBE THEY SHOULD STOP PISSING OF THE MONKEY”



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A person who watched the video wrote, “Sorry she deserves that. She started to smack him and he grabbed her. Then after he let go of her, she went back towards him and he grabbed her again. Yeah, she deserves it. That's her own fault. At least she's not hurt.” Another person wrote, “That monkey could have literally scalped her if it wanted to. That shit is my worst nightmare right there smh.” As of Friday, July 22, the viral video had 8.1 million views and was shared more than 587,300 times on the account of TikTok user @greciadlg29.


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