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'Harriet The Spy' Episode 5: Harriet makes Ole Golly a part of herself forever

Meet Ole Golly as she deals with Harriet's dilemmas with love and a pinch of honesty
A still from 'Harriet The Spy' Episode 5 (Apple TV+)
A still from 'Harriet The Spy' Episode 5 (Apple TV+)

Spoilers for 'Harriet The Spy' Episode 5 - 'The Origin of M'

'Harriet The Spy' on Apple TV+ will take us along on the coming-of-age adventures of young Harriet as she aspires to become a great writer. In the course of her journey, she also realizes that in order to be a great writer, she has to be a great spy.

Her nanny and guru, Ole Golly(Jane Lynch), is always present to guide Harriet (Beanie Feldstein). One of Harriet's biggest supporters and pillars of confidence, the nanny -- a loving yet no-nonsense lady -- is extremely dear to the child. Read on to know one such instance where Harriet expresses her love for Ole Golly in a surprisingly heartwarming manner.


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One of Harriet's favorite days 'New Notebook Day' takes a turn for the worse when she realizes that she has been writing her name inconsistently all this time. Her full name Harriet M Welsch has been written without a period after M in some while with a period in others. The girl who has a tendency to overreact feels like she doesn't know who she is anymore. Things go for a toss when she asks her parents what M stands for. The parents sheepishly admit that the M is actually a glitch on the birth certificate and is actually just a scribble her dad made by mistake while trying to get the pen to work. Harriet's world is turned upside down as she goes about saying that she's just a scribble. 

Her parents ask her to choose a name for herself but the girl is too busy having an existential crisis. That's when Ole Golly steps in and surprises her by taking Harriet to her mother's home. There, Ole Golly's mother reveals that her middle name is Myrtle and not Willa as Ole Golly had said before. This leads to Ole Golly's mother getting upset that her daughter still refuses to use her given name. In order to handle the situation, Harriet announces that from now onwards her middle name will be Myrtle which makes Golly's mom very happy as she declares that she's now part of the family.

On her way back, Harriet admits that she'll never use the name but will keep it as it's for Ole Golly. As she's being dropped off home, the young girl realizes that one day she'll be grown up and won't have a nanny anymore. Ole Golly assures her that even if she's not her nanny anymore, they'll always be in each other's lives. Harriet is happy that she now has a part of Ole Golly attached to her name forever and that even if she doesn't write it out, she'll always know what it stands for.

'Harriet The Spy' is now available for streaming on Apple TV+, with 5 new episodes coming out in 2022.