'How to Build a Girl' star Beanie Feldstein tells James Corden she's binging on 'Ozark' with mom amid lockdown

'How to Build a Girl' star Beanie Feldstein tells James Corden she's binging on 'Ozark' with mom amid lockdown
Beanie Feldstein (Getty Images)

Beanie Feldstein is being heaped with praise by audiences and critics alike for her brilliant performance in her latest film 'How to Build a Girl'. On watching her portrayal of Johanna Morrigan, fans are of the opinion that she is the next leading lady. 

Helmed by Coky Giedroyc, the comedy-drama follows 16-year-old Morrigan, who moves to London in the pursuit of a job and navigates life in the new city as a music critic. The movie is based on the novel of the same name authored by Caitlin Moran. 

During her interview on 'The Late Late Night Show with James Corden', the star of the film, Feldstein, said that she absolutely loved playing Morrigan and described her character as "coming-of-age" and "bold".


Besides rejoicing the success 'How to Build a Girl' has garnered, the 25-year-old actress is currently spending her time in her childhood home, mostly catching up on some great shows. When Corden asked her to dish more details about her lockdown activities, Feldstein said she's watching Netflix’s hit series 'Ozark' with her mother. 

The ‘Booksmart’ actress said she and her mother have been binge-watching the series and her mom finally understood what money laundering was only after one too many episodes. The actress also joked about wanting to do what Jason Bateman does in the series. 

Being a people person, Feldstein has managed to keep in constant touch with her close friends with whom she takes part in trivia nights on Zoom, which also involves costumes. So far she has dressed as Hagrid from ‘Harry Potter’ and Monica Geller from ‘Friends’. 

In the later segment of the show, Corden asks Beanie to take part in a game which requires her to guess if his crew members can actually play the instruments they were holding as they joined the host and the actress remotely. 

Impressed with her performance on the show, one fan wrote, "@BeanieFeldstein asking the hard hitting questions to find out if these staffers can actually play," while the rest continued to rave about her acting in ‘How to Build A Girl’. 

“Couldn’t agree more! she’s an amazing actress,” another said. 

'The Late Late Show with James Corden' airs on the weekdays. You can also watch the latest episodes on Jame’s Corden’s official YouTube channel. 


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