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'Harriet The Spy' Episode 3: Harriet shows that girls too CAN lead in dance

Bestfriends Harriet and Janie made an oath long ago, but wil they be able to keep it ?
 A still from 'Harriet The Spy' (Apple TV+)
A still from 'Harriet The Spy' (Apple TV+)

Spoilers for 'Harriet The Spy' Episode 3 'Cross My Heart and Hope Not To Dance'

'Harriet The Spy' is Apple TV+'s latest animated series which is based on the iconic children's novel of the same name by Louise Fitzhugh. The show follows the adventures of Harriet as she strives to be the best writer possible.

One of her best friends is Janie Gibbs (Kimberly Brooks) who she's been friends with ever since they were little. The girls understand each other well with Janie being supportive of Harriet's (Beanie Feldstein) antics. Read on to know one such happening between the friends where misunderstandings occurred and lessons were learned in the Apple TV+ show.


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As little kids, Harriet and Janie made an oath to never attend dance school or take a single dance lesson to avoid becoming the 'ladies' their mothers wanted them to be. Both of them follow it till the present until one day Ole Golly (Jane Lynch) puts it in Harriet's head that being a spy includes knowing how to dance as well. Harriet who takes Ole Golly's advice persuades Janie that maybe after all one dance lesson won't do any harm and that they can get their mothers off their backs as well. Both of them agree to a counter oath and go for their first-ever dance lesson. Harriet ends up hating it as she's unable to follow, finds her gloves itchy and her shoes uncomfortable, but Janie ends up as the best dancer and enjoys it. This leads to a falling out between them when Janie refuses to help her sabotage the lesson.

Mr Dubois, the dance instructor, makes it very clear to Harriet that only boys can lead the dance as they're 'bigger and stronger'. Harriet doesn't agree and kicks off her shoes and dances the way she wants, but is kicked out. The end of the episode sees the two best friends make up as Janie also agrees that girls can lead too. At the final dance which their parents come to view, Harriet sits it out happy to watch her friend be happy. In a surprising move, Janie taking inspiration from Harriet asks her for her hand and dances with her leading it. All the other students take the cue as well, with all of them dancing the way they want, boys taking the girls' lead, and dancing together as well.

The mothers laugh about the fact that at least their daughters are dancing as they look on happy to see the kids enjoying themselves. In a triumphant ending, Harriet and her friends enjoy the dance each in their own preferred ways!

'Harriet The Spy' is now available for streaming on Apple TV+, with 5 new episodes coming out in 2022.