'Tehran' Season 2: Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about Apple TV+'s spy thriller series

'Tehran' Season 2: Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about Apple TV+'s spy thriller series
'Tehran' (IMDb)

Season 1 of 'Tehran' came to an end with a bang. 'Tehran' first aired in Israel on channel Kan 11 on June 22, 2020, and gained a fan base quite quickly. It followed a Mossad agent named Tamar Rabinyan played by Niv Sultan as she goes undercover in Tehran. Her mission: to neutralize Iran's air defenses, so that Israeli warplanes can bomb a nuclear plant and prevent Iran from obtaining an atomic bomb. Tamar takes on another identity while she is in Iran. In the first episode itself, the mission goes awry and she is forced to be on the run. While trying to keep track of her mission and the Mossad agents, she falls in love with Milad (Shervin Alenabi). However, things don't go as planned and he realizes that she is not who she says she is. At the end of Season 1, it turns out that one of the Mossad agents was a traitor all along. Tamar's efforts go to waste, as Iran shoots down Israeli warplanes. Tamar quickly escapes with Milad on a motorbike, paving the way for Season 2.

Release date

Season 2 of 'Tehran' has not officially been announced yet. The show streams on Apple TV+.


A lot of things are left in the air with the conclusion of Season 1. We still don't know whether Faraz Kamali (Shaun Toub) is alive or dead, as the last we see of him, he is bleeding to death. What happens to him and his wife Nihad, who is still in the clutches of the Mossad agents? Now that the mission was a bust, what will they do to Nihad? Meanwhile, we saw Milad and Tamar riding off into a rather gloomy sunset too. Will they get the happy ending they deserve, or will more hell be unleashed after Iran shot the Israeli warplanes down? Season 2 has a lot of questions to answer.



Niv Sultan as Tamar Rabinyan

Niv Sultan (IMDb)


Sultan is known for her roles as Tom Shachar in 'Eilat' (2018), Libi Gueta in 'The Orpheus Project' (2017), Shir Carmi in 'Kimaat Mefursemet' (2017) and won acclaim for her work in 'Flawless' (2018). Her most recent works include 'La Familia' (2015-2017), 'A Wonderful Country' (2018) and 'She Has It' (2018). In 2019, she was nominated for Best Actress in a Series for Children and Youth for 'Eilat'.


The rest of the cast includes Shaun Toub from 'Homeland' as Faraz Kamali, Menashe Noy as Meir Gorev, Shervin Alenabi as Milad, Navid Negahban as Masoud Tabrizi, Liraz Charhi as Yael Kadosh, Reza Diako as Shahin, Dan Mor as Eran, Arash Marandi as Ali and many more.


The series is directed by Daniel Syrkin with co-creators Dana Eden, Maor Kohn, Omri Shenhar, Daniel Syrkin and Moshe Zonder known as writers for 'Fauda'. Alon Aranya, Dana Eden, Peter Emerson, Julien Leroux, Dimitris Michalakis, Shula Spiegel and Zonder serve as executive producers.



There is no trailer yet. MEAWW will update this page once it's released. 

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