Harmony Montgomery case: Eight-year-old's disappearance could become HOMICIDE probe

Harmony Montgomery case: Eight-year-old's disappearance could become HOMICIDE probe
The case involving missing eight-year-old Harmony Montgomery could potentially become a homicide investigation (Twitter/@MikeRNBCBoston)

MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE: A law enforcement source has claimed that the case involving missing eight-year-old Harmony Montgomery could potentially become a homicide probe.

The girl was last spotted in Manchester, New Hampshire in 2019, but her disappearance wasn't reported until December 2021. Now, a police source has revealed that authorities are expected to announce a significant update in the case on Thursday, August 11. An insider said that the investigation could possibly become a homicide probe eight months since she was reported missing.


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Authorities recently searched an apartment where Harmony's biological father Adam and stepmom Kayla once lived at. Investigators seized an old fridge and stripped the bedroom closet. Speaking to The Sun, retired FBI agent Jennifer Coffindaffer said that it would likely take weeks for the evidence to be processed and analyzed, including the dreaded contents of the refrigerator.


In a conversation with Boston 25 News, the current tenant, identified as Ginger only, said officers were interested in the closet. “It was just all ripped up. They took stuff out of the closet and then they took the walls out of the closet. It's breaking my heart," she told the outlet. Ginger added that cops also removed flooring from the kitchen, hallway, and bedroom. Coffindaffer said it was possible that police were looking for 'biological or trace evidence' as they scoured the home. “They're building the case in totality. They have to find [out] what happened to her. They're building on building blocks," she said, adding that agents think biological evidence, perhaps a strand of hair, may be inside the property.


Manchester Police Chief Allen Aldenburg admitted in January that detectives “were running on fumes” to find the missing child. According to the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families records, Harmony was bounced between her mother's care and DCF for the majority of her childhood. She is believed to have disappeared sometime between November 28 and December 10, 2019. Harmony was living with Adam, who received her custody when she was five, and his wife Kayla. The couple was evicted at some point and may have been living out of cars, police said. The duo reportedly cut off all contact with their families and a series of alleged errors by Child Protective Services meant Harmony’s biological mom and family would be left in the dark over her mysterious disappearance.


Adam is currently remanded in custody on charges of felony second-degree assault related to an alleged attack against Harmony, but has not been charged with her disappearance. Furthermore, he's also facing a misdemeanor charge of interference with custody and two misdemeanor counts of endangering the welfare of a child. A probable cause affidavit stated that the father allegedly “bashed (Harmony) around the house” and forced her to scrub the toilet with her toothbrush. Meanwhile, another police report described a "very bad odor" emanating from the house where Harmony lived with Adam before she vanished. Police discovered the smell when they were called to the home by a neighbor. Responding officers saw an open door and initially thought it had been kicked in, but later stated in a report, "Door has not been kicked in. Looks like someone moved out, and they left the door open. They were just airing it out. There was a very bad odor."


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Reports suggest that police responded to the address at least 16 times between January 2019 and January 2020. Kayla was charged with fraud after she allegedly collected food stamps in Harmony’s name until June 2021. She has also been accused of perjury. Both Adam and Kayla have pled not guilty. While he's being held in jail, she's currently out on bond.



If you or anyone you know has information about the case, you are urged to call the dedicated tipline at 603-203-6060. Alternatively, you can also contact the Manchester Police Department at 603-668-8711.



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