What is hard balling? Pandemic gives rise to daring new dating trend

What is hard balling? Pandemic gives rise to daring new dating trend
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You're not alone if lockdown offered you the space and time to re-evaluate your romantic life. There have been several changes in dating habits over the previous year, some of which are expected to endure. And now a new dating trend has emerged: hard balling. But what exactly is hard balling, and why should you care?

There's no doubt that lockdown has impacted dating in the last many months, regardless of your relationship status. Not all of the changes have been negative though. The extended lockdown pushed us to go back in time, when we didn't have a quick satisfaction that dating apps provide. It forced us to have lengthier discussions with individuals over a longer period of time, whether through video calls or messages. Hard balling comes into play when you've put in the additional effort and have run out of patience with pointless small chats and time wasters.


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Hard balling is one of the most popular dating habits to emerge as a result of lockdown. Singles have had more time to fully focus on what they want, and which has been regarded as a shift in perspective. As a result of spending so much time on themselves over the last two years, singles are now far more prepared to vocalise what they need out of a relationship. Individuals are more secure in stating their deal breakers and letting people go if their beliefs don't coincide, according to Glamour.

Hardballing is essentially being the CEO of your own dating life, which means you work under the assumption that you don't have time to waste on individuals who aren't living up to their full potential, so you make swift and difficult judgments. In the end, it's all about getting down to business and not wasting time or playing games. Taking complete control of your love life may seem to empower, but it's not the only dating trend predicted by Glamour Magazine.

Some of them are:

Intentional Dating: Individuals are dating more consciously as a result of having limited access to pubs, clubs, and restaurants during the lockdown, in the same way as hard balling cuts the bullshit and saves time.

Green Dating: In light of COP26, more individuals are thinking about how environmentally responsible their crushes are. Finding someone who shares your beliefs may have a significant impact on the dates you go on, the connection you form, and your future lifestyle choices as a pair.

Benching: Benching is the technique of keeping a crush on the sidelines while you try to figure out whether someone else is prepared to commit. It's one of the more negative dating trends occurring right now. This may lead to months of uncertainty, and it's a tendency that should be left behind.

Astrolove: Despite the volatility, horoscopes this year let us look to the future in a big way. You wouldn't be the only one who was looking for a sign about your romantic life in them. It's called astrolove, and it's based on the idea that romance might be inscribed in the stars.

Slow Dating: Finally, before deciding whether or not to meet in person or pursue a relationship, individuals are taking the time to get to know each other and create a connection. People are taking longer to get to know someone as a result of quarantines and prohibitions on inter-household hook-ups, and they appear to be adopting this slow-and-steady approach to think critically about what they want in a relationship.

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