'Hanna' season 2: Release date, plot, cast, trailers, news and everything you need to know about the Amazon show

'Hanna' starring Esme Creed-Miles and Joel Kinnaman has been renewed for a second season, here's everything you need to know.

                            'Hanna' season 2: Release date, plot, cast, trailers, news and everything you need to know about the Amazon show

'Hanna', the Amazon TV series premiered on March 29 to a positive response and the makers of the show announced recently that the Esme-Creed Miles, Joel Kinnaman, and Mireille Enos starrer has been renewed for a second season. The announcement came on the heels of the show's premiere and the cast also shared the happy news on their social media handles. The first season was based on the 2011 movie 'Hanna' directed by Joe Wright. David Farr, who co-wrote the film also worked on Hanna and developed it into an eight-episode action-drama and a coming-of-age story of a teenage assassin. 


Release Date:

It looks like it’ll be 2020 before we get Hanna back on TV again. 


At the end of the first season of 'Hanna', we saw her learn the complete truth about who she is and the secret of Utrax. She wants to take action against the facility from which her father rescued her and escaped to the interiors of eastern Europe's jungle. Meanwhile, Marissa was also hell-bent on finding what really went on in the facilities in Romania and she asks Sawyer about the same. How will Marissa and Hanna's path converge upon learning the truth of the facility and how will Hanna take any action against the facility? This is probably something that we will see unfold in the second season of the show. 


Esme Creed-Miles as Hanna

A still of Esme Creed-Miles as Hanna in Amazon show 'Hanna'. (Source: IMDb)

Esme Creed-Miles plays the titular role in the series. She is a teenager who is trained by her father to escape any dangerous situation that could arise in the future in case Hanna comes in contact with other humans. After rebelling against her father and crossing the boundary set by him, Hanna begins to learn the truth about her past, her father's reality and the reason why they are being chased across countries over the eight episodes of the first season. She will reprise her role in season 2 as well. 

Joel Kinnaman as Erik Heller

A still of Joel Kinnaman as Erik Heller in Amazon show 'Hanna'. (Source: Getty Images)

Joel Kinnaman plays Hanna's father Erik Heller,  a former covert operative who escapes a government facility in Romania with his baby daughter Hanna and wife Johanna. His wife, however, dies while trying to escape leaving Hanna and Erik to live together. Joel is also expected to reprise his role next season. 

Mireille Enos as special agent Marissa Wiegler

Actor Mireille Enos plays the role of agent Marissa in Amazon show 'Hanna'. (Source: IMDb)

Mireille Enos was initially expected to be the antagonist of the show as agent Marissa Wiegler. She has now understood that there is a secret about the facility in Romania that even she is unaware of and towards the end of Season 1, she tries to uncover the secret. She is expected to continue on this path in the upcoming season of the Amazon show. 

Khalid Abdalla as Jerome Sawyer

Khalid Abdalla plays the role of a recurring character Jerome Sawyer, but we expect Jerome to continue to play a crucial role in the upcoming season as his connection to Utrax will be expanded upon. Marissa is expected to use his assistance forcefully or otherwise to learn the truth. 


The season renewal was announced recently, and the trailer will be released closer to the release date of the brand new season. 


While the makers announced the season renewal of the show, Albert Cheng, the co-head of Television, Amazon Studios said to Deadline, "Since it debuted only ten days ago, Hanna has had a tremendous response, and we’re thrilled with not only how it has performed for us on the service, but with the action-packed world David Farr has created for the series and the stellar cast, led by Esmé Creed-Miles, Mireille Enos, and Joel Kinnaman. We’re excited to give fans a chance to see Hanna continue her journey on Amazon."

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