'Halo' Episode 8 Fan Review: No one saw John-Makee sex scene coming, viewers say 'bridge too far'

'Halo' Episode 8 Fan Review: No one saw John-Makee sex scene coming, viewers say 'bridge too far'
Pablo Schreiber and Charlie Murphy in a still from 'Halo' (Paramount+)

'Halo' Episode 8 was off to an explosive start and sets the story up for a scintillating finale. The chapter sees the parties choose sides as the search for the second artifact intensifies. John (Pablo Schreiber) and Makee (Charlie Murphy) plan to explore the effect of the Halo a bit more. However, things take a turn for the worse as Halsey's manipulation has Makee choose sides.

In addition, she also pits the Spartans against John, and that leads to an explosive showdown between members of the Silver team. However, what overshadowed all of this was the controversial sex scene between the two key characters that sparked a debate on social media. While some were of the opinion that this was coming in due time, Halo ardents were thoroughly flummoxed.


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"So in the new chapter of #halotheseries Cortana just kept quiet watching how the Chief had sex with a spy, if I were her I would feel uncomfortable and confused," one of the fans opined. One of the fans wasn't at all surprised. "Anyone shocked that #HaloTheSeries went there shouldn't be when they realize that at the end of every episode, it says it's a Showtime production. Now you understand all the nudity and sex in the series. It was always going to end up doing this. Never should've been greenlit."

"#HaloTheSeries yeah I’m out. I don’t know who thought a sex scene would fit into halo. This goes farther than “a different timeline” I gave you a pass on kwan, I gave you a pass on humanizing chief, I gave you a pass on the human in the covenant, but this is a bridge too far," one of the fans remarked. This was seconded by another who wrote, "Master Chief having sex with the girl was WAYYYYYY out of his character. Unless her death is the reason he never takes off his helmet again because what the fuck?! & cortana watching? Lmfao yo #HaloTheSeries."

"Did Master Cheeks know about sex before this #HaloTheSeries? Doesn't seem like something worth mentioning to an emotionless super soldier... So this straight up 40 year old virgin doesn't involuntarily clap her too hard even once and fold her in half LITERALLY? Alright.." a tweet read. "Well, we finally got some #HaloTheSeries action both sides and in the bedroom. No doubt the fans predicted Halo Sex. But finally we back on the A story again after last very bad episodes with that terrible written character," another said.

"Episode 8 of the #HaloTheSeries has been my favorite so far. It's a shame because it looks like the only thing people are taking away from it is the sex scene, which admittedly is bizarre and bad... But there is genuinely a lot of good in the last half hour of the show," a fan remarked.








What are your thoughts on the controversial sex scene in 'Halo' Episode 8?

'Halo' Episode 8 is streaming on Paramount+

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