'Halo' Episode 7 Fan Review: Twitter calls Kwan Ha-centered chapter an 'absolute snoozefest'

'Halo' Episode 7 Fan Review: Twitter calls Kwan Ha-centered chapter an 'absolute snoozefest'
Yerin Ha as Kwan Ha in 'Halo' Episode 7 (Paramount+)

'Halo' Episode 7 had generated quite the negative buzz even ahead of its premiere. The storyline focussed on Yerin Ha's character Kwan-Ha and her true purpose on Madrigal, but the fans would have none of it. Not even the high-octane action was enough to change their minds and needless to say, 'Inheritance' had grumpy responses pouring in on social media.

The episode sees Kwan Ha and Soren (Bokeem Woodbine) take on Vinsher (Burn Gorman) and his men. With the bounty on her head tripled, Kwan comes face-to-face with Desiderata, head of the Mystics, with who her father was always in contact. They help the young Turk understand what was truly at stake. The renewed sense of purpose coupled with some assistance from Soren, helps Kwan thwart Vinsher, but does leave the question of how she fits into the larger picture.


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"#HaloTheSeries Absolute of a snooze fest of an episode," one fan remarked. This was seconded by another who wrote, "Man, what a waste of time was episode 7 of #HaloTheSeries I want to watch Master Chief, not some side characters that I couldn’t even tell you their names." The rants continued. "Honestly, #HaloTheSeries episode 7 starting with Kwan's story is a huge turn off."

"Okay….That Kwan episode of #HaloTheSeries wasn’t as bad as I thought it was gunna be. From what I saw in her vision section, I’m thinking her arc may play a part of the overall story after all. Something came out of a well that’s rad, that’s all I’m saying," one of the tweets said. "Expected this episode to have more Kwan. I was wrong. It was 100% Kwan. So I'll skip this one easily #HaloTheSeries" a tweet said. "Is Kwan (I like Soren, but he can't carry this story) literally the main focus of this episode, cause I'm just gonna skip to be honest. #HaloTheSeries I would read the Wikipedia summary, but I'm shit out of luck since I've been helping to edit the Wiki page for each episode..." a fan opined.







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