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'Halo' Episode 7 Review: Kwan-Ha has our attention, but how does she fit in the larger picture?

Will she end up becoming a Spartan? Picking up John's rifle might be a subtle tease or a major statement
Kwan Ha in a still from 'Halo' (Paramount+)
Kwan Ha in a still from 'Halo' (Paramount+)

Contains spoilers for 'Halo' Episode 7 'Inheritance'

With two episodes left before 'Halo' calls it a season, the time was just right to explain Kwan-Ha's (Yerin Ha) purpose, and director Jessica Lowrey attempts to tell that story in an episode that packs some action and motion in good measure. If anything, it does seem that Kwan Ha will end up becoming a Spartan, whether that happens over the next couple of episodes, or the already renewed season 2, only time will tell. She's got spunk, she's got heart, and most importantly, the rage that she's asked to channel by Desiderata, the head of the Mystics, makes her a valuable UNSC asset.

'Inheritance' doesn't entirely keep Master Chief/John-117 (Pablo Schreiber) out of the picture. He appears briefly much to the chagrin of fans who were already set to give this chapter a miss. Those who indeed skipped it, might not have missed much unless the future episodes manage to reunite Soren (Bokeem Woodbine), John, and Kwan-Ha in some way. Burn Gorman's Vinsher, quite the funny and nerdy dude in 'Pacific Rim' and the sequel has his moment in the sun as a baddie, but bites the dust in the most predictable manner.


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The episode would have been truly a bummer, but Lowrey manages to keep the attention span on when she decides to let Kwan find John's signature battle rifle on Madrigal — the first sign that she may become a Spartan. The duo had a connection in the first couple of episodes, and it's rekindled in the seventh chapter. Running at 50 minutes, there's enough of Madrigal to make sure it becomes a vital cog in the upcoming storylines. There's that question if Soren will return, but with season 1 still doing some world-building, there's a real chance he will return.

Episode 7 is not necessarily one of the best episodes, that honor goes to the previous one that sees Makee (Charlie Murphy) and John connects in the most unusual of ways. If this was a filler episode, then it's not too bad either. The cinematography surely deserves a mention, as does the slick action. 'Inheritance' is not a boring watch, so catching up some time by the end of the week isn't a bad idea.

'Halo' drops with a new episode every Thursday on Paramount+