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'Cancel the wedding!' Internet slams groom for being carried down the aisle in a coffin by bridesmaids

The now viral TikTok video has garnered 8.2 million views and was slammed by people who called it 'ick'
A man was slammed for being carried down the aisle to his wedding in a coffin (tobz88/TikTok)
A man was slammed for being carried down the aisle to his wedding in a coffin (tobz88/TikTok)

A man decided to take the wedding vow, "Til death do us part," too seriously. After making a puzzling decision to be carried down the aisle in a coffin, which was carried to the altar by his wife's bridesmaids, the groom has reportedly come under fire for the disrespectful wedding spectacle. The odd entrance was caught on camera by a wedding attendee.

The bride's reactions were not visible in the TikTok video, which has received 8.2 million views. People were quick to condemn the groom's conduct, indicating that it undoubtedly struck a negative chord with them. In the footage, the groom appears to have decided against hiring an actual hearse for his wedding as the bridesmaids and numerous groomsmen were seen removing a black coffin from a huge car. The bridesmaids were dressed in wedding-appropriate clothes in contrast to the groom's gothic entrance, and the groomsmen sporting stylish grey suits and bow ties.


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Stunned wedding guests watched in disbelief as the they dragged the coffin down the aisle at the outdoor ceremony. They appeared to struggle due to the weight of the coffin. Following that, everyone stood in a line in front of the coffin while the groom lifted the lid and emerged wearing a white blazer and a black tie, while a photographer rapidly took pictures of the "gruesome" spectatcle. 

Netizens were quick to slam the whole affair. Numerous users adamantly said that they would have called off the wedding right away if their partner had made a similar entry. One user said, “We would be divorced before we said I do.” Another one wrote, “I have the deepest ick. Would have left immediately.” One person commented, “I would literally cancel the wedding.” Another person stated, “The disrespect, the audacity.” Despite the fact that many users questioned the groom's decision to make such an entrance, one user attempted to provide an explanation by calling the gesture cute, “I actually thought this was kinda cute.”

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