Horrifying video shows groom unable to say his vows on wedding day after drink was spiked

Horrifying video shows groom unable to say his vows on wedding day after drink was spiked
The groom's drinks were spiked with Adderall on his wedding day (Credits: TikTok/brandy_billy)

A TikTok video of an intoxicated groom on his wedding day has gone viral on social media. The bride Brandy from Kentucky posted the video of her speechless husband, Billy, whose drink was "spiked with crushed Adderall". By sharing Billy's heartbreaking experience, Brandy said she wanted to raise awareness of the drug's potentially lethal effects and warn others to safeguard their beverages.

The disturbing video shows Billy trying to speak and taking heavy breaths as Brandy tries to console him. Fortunately, Billy was seen by a nurse, and he recovered, but the experience made their special day more challenging. The bride confessed that she was worried that he would pass out and tumble down the mountain. "His heart was racing, his brain was moving faster than he could form words, he tried saying his vows to me but was unable to think. His emotions [were] heightened," Brandy captioned the TikTok video.


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Brandy added that in order to "party harder and longer," some guests at the wedding tampered with other guests' drinks in the hopes that they would stay up all night with them. The tampering with the beverages was eventually detected thanks to Billy's drug test, and the Parkside Resort in Tennessee began an investigation to find and "deal with" the offender. "F*** you" to the offender for "causing such trauma to my family," she said as she ended the video.


The stimulant drug Adderall is used to treat the signs and symptoms of attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in both adults and children. Despite the lack of information on the medication's interactions with alcohol, WebMD claims that the combination can be problematic. Some of the problems include weakening one's perception, ushering on nausea, vomiting, and dehydration, as well as impairing one's balance, vision, and responsiveness.


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Brandy further added that NightCap, the company that manufactures drink spiking prevention scrunchies, contacted them and sent them some of their scrunchie drink covers, which double as a hairband and can be used to cover cups and glasses to stop pills and powders from accidentally slipping into a drink, after learning about the couple's terrible encounter.

Several people recounted their personal experiences combining the two substances. One of them wrote: "I did this in college (my own prescription) & it was the worse. I thought I was gonna die - I'm so mad this happened to y'all on your wedding." In the comment section of the video, NightCap thanked Brandy for "spreading awareness," while Parkside Resort added: "So glad we could assist!!! And so happy Billy is okay. We love you both!!!!"


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