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Wedding venue under fire for REFUSING to refund family after groom dies just weeks before nuptials

The venue's attorney reportedly told the family they are looking at other options to resolve the contract
(Representational image - iStock/Getty Images)
(Representational image - iStock/Getty Images)

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH: A grief-stricken family has bemoaned how a wedding venue isn't refunding them their money after they lost a loved one just days before his nuptials

Virginia Cervantes' daughter Daisy was looking forward to tying the knot with her fiance Kevin after getting engaged in March 2021. The wedding was scheduled for this month, but the groom tragically died two weeks before the ceremony, leaving the families devastated. Cervantes said they were refunded by nearly all agencies involved, including the wedding dress and other items. However, the venue -- Woodhaven Pointe -- has reportedly refused to issue a refund citing company policy.


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“I saw her try on her wedding dress. I pictured her walking down the aisle. But everything just crumbled and fell apart,” Cervantes said, before noting how she and her daughter had to undo wedding plans. “Everyone reimbursed us except for the venue. They have a policy in the contract about no refunds unless it’s in 90 days,” the embattled mother explained. 

According to Fox 19, the venue's attorney told the family they are looking at other options to resolve the contract. “This is so fresh to all of us," Daisy’s sister, Aileen Ramirez, said. "I just don’t understand people that are not willing to have a little bit of compassion in times like this because these weren’t foreseen circumstances. I don’t know anyone that would want to be married, that would want to go to a place where they were supposed to be married to celebrate their loved one’s passing. I don’t understand that in my head. It doesn’t make sense.”

The devastated family said they raised awareness about what was happening, prompting many on social media to criticize the venue. “From what I’ve read, they’re not vulgar," Ramirez said of the comments. "They’re not, like, swearing. There’s not a lot of, you know, aggressiveness. But it’s a little bit like, ‘You guys are very inhumane. You’re not compassionate.'”


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Responding to the backlash, an attorney for Woodhaven Pointe released a statement saying they were open to exploring alternatives and that they offered the family an option to hold a celebration of life for Kevin instead of a cash reimbursement. "Woodhaven recognizes how painful this tragedy must be for Ms Ramirez, the family, and all involved. Woodhaven did not want to rush Ms Ramirez into any decisions regarding her contract with Woodhaven and wanted to give her time and space to grieve," the statement said.

“Consequently, after a family representative of Ms Ramirez notified Woodhaven of Mr Prieto’s passing, Woodhaven offered its facility for a celebration of life or a funeral if the family desired. It also offered the family the right to use the facility at a future date. It expressed that it was willing to explore other ways to resolve Ms Ramirez’s signed contract and that no final decisions had been made regarding Ms Ramirez’s contract when the family began threatening litigation and making other negative comments about Woodhaven on social media," the attorney added. "Because litigation has been threatened, Woodhaven cannot offer any further comment at this time but remains willing to work with Ms Ramirez to resolve this situation.”