'Grey's Anatomy' Season 17 Episode 12: Is Jackson in harm's way? 'Japril' fans hope April will save the day

Camilla Luddington shares how April's return sets things in motion for Jo and Jackson and fans can't wait for 'Japril' to be endgame

                            'Grey's Anatomy' Season 17 Episode 12: Is Jackson in harm's way? 'Japril' fans hope April will save the day
Sarah Drew, Jesse Williams and Chandra Wilson star in 'Grey's Anatomy' (ABC)

The latest episode of 'Grey's Anatomy' heavily features Dr Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams). The episode begins with Jackson going for a jog and witnessing a 'Black Lives Matter' protest. We're not sure whether Jackson eventually participates in the protest, but we do see that others who did are wounded. Phylicia Rashad, who guest stars in this episode, is brought to the hospital from the protest after she was hit with a tear gas canister. In the episode, it seems that Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr) and Jackson are taking care of Phylicia.

However considering the ominous nature of the trailer, fans are wondering if somehow Jackson also comes in harm's way during the protests. The text over the trailer says 'No Training Could Prepare Them For This' along with a glimpse of Jackson looking shocked. Bailey's massive meltdown in the trailer has also done little to assuage our fears.


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Fans feel that this could also lead to April Kepner's much awaited comeback on the show. One fan tweeted, "I think something bad happened to Jackson and that is why April is coming back."


Another fan on YouTube echoed the sentiment saying, "What if Jackson gets hurt and thats why Bailey is screaming in shock and thats why April comes back....idk tho just a thought." Another fan on YouTube said, "The way they are building up jackson i feel like somethings going to happen and thats why they bring back april... you can see things r brewing."

Fans felt that if this is the episode the Kepner comeback occurs, then it's about time. Fans have been waiting with bated breath for April to come back on the show, and now are getting rather frustrated, to say the least. One fan tweeted, "are y’all gonna show me april or what because i’m getting bored? #GreysAnatomy." Another concurred tweeting, "Wheres April????? I want my japril endgame."




So what happens to Jo and Jackson's relationship when April Kepner returns to the show? Camilla Luddington who plays Jo Wilson, gave this rather cryptic answer in an interview to StyleCaster recently. Talking about the impact April's return will have on Jo and Jackson's relationship, Luddington says, “How would I describe this without being completely fired? I would say that it sets things in motion."

To know what exactly is set in motion, you can catch new episodes of 'Grey's Anatomy' on Thursdays at 9 pm on ABC. You can watch the trailer for the upcoming episode below.


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