Grey's Anatomy Season 17 Episode 8: Will April Kepner ruin Jackson and Jo's love story? Fans await reunion

Sarah Drew and Jesse Williams fans are hoping for a much-awaited Japril reunion

                            Grey's Anatomy Season 17 Episode 8: Will April Kepner ruin Jackson and Jo's love story? Fans await reunion
Sarah Drew stars as April Kepner on 'Grey's Anatomy' (Getty Images)

It was the red shade of Sarah Drew's hair that gave fans the hint that the actor has received a green signal to return to 'Grey's Anatomy'. When Sarah recently uploaded an Instagram post with her new hair, which is called an April Kepner shade of red, fans began to get cautiously excited. 

What added to the excitement was Sarah's co-star Jesse Williams, who plays Dr Jackson Avery on the show, also said in interviews that he would love to see a Japril reunion. 

Following Andrew DeLuca's death on the show recently, fans can certainly do with some cheering up and April Kepner seems like just the woman for the job. While there are no details yet, Sarah's return to the show has been confirmed by 'Grey's Anatomy' representatives to the media.


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Drew's exit from 'Grey's Anatomy' on Season 14 came as quite a surprise to fans. When fans last saw April, she had survived a car accident, got married to her boyfriend Matthew (Justin Bruening) and quit 'Grey Sloan Memorial' to work with the homeless. While 'Grey's Anatomy' has seen plenty of cameos of late, from Patrick Dempsey to TR Knight, we can't help but wonder what April will bring back to the fold. With Dempsey and Knight's cameos on the beach, described as a 'magical in-between place', by the show creator Krista Vernoff, we hope that's not where we see April Kepner when she makes her return to the show. 

Fans are already worried about that tweeting,"april kepner better not end up on that beach or i will be suing."



We think and hope, a more likely storyline revolves around April Kepner and Jackson Avery's relationship. After all, they still co-parent their daughter Harriet. Perhaps it is in this regard that Kepner makes her reappearance. This should be interesting, considering Jackson and Jo now have a friends with benefits relationship. But let's face it, when it comes to Japril, Jo and Jackson's relationship doesn't strike us as much of a hurdle. After all, both Jesse Williams and Camilla Luddington have said that the Jo Jackson relationship is being kept light. Fans also don't seem to be particularly rooting for Jo and Jackson. The excitement is largely around whether a Japril reunion is on the cards.

Sarah Drew and Jesse Williams star as April Kepner and Jackson Avery on 'Grey's Anatomy' (thesarahdrew/Instagram)


One fan on Twitter says, "april kepner is coming back which means japril reunion ease and thanku." Another fan echoed the excitement saying, "JAPRIL NATION RISEEEE WE'RE GETTING APRIL KEPNER BACK ITS TIME FOR THESE SOULMATES TO GET BACK TOGETHER #GreysAnatomy." 





Fans are also hoping that another reunion could be on the cards. Arizona Robbins and April Kepner both left 'Grey's Anatomy' in Season 14. Fans feel it's about time they shared some screen space again. We last saw Arizona move to New York to be closer to Callie and daughter Sofia.

One fan tweeted "WE GOT APRIL KEPNER BACK! now we need Arizona so the duo is complete ;)"



There are theories that creators of 'Grey's Anatomy' are going all out with cameos and nostalgia because Season 17 may indeed be the very last. However, for the moment at least, fans have reason to cheer that at least Kepner is back.

You can catch Season 17 of 'Grey's Anatomy' on ABC on Thursdays at 9|8c.

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