Grey's Anatomy season 14 finale hints at Callie-Arizona reunion

Jessica Capshaw exiting Grey's Anatomy meant goodbye for Arizona Robbins, but a reunion seems to be on the cards as the season finale gave her quite the happy ending.

                            Grey's Anatomy season 14 finale hints at Callie-Arizona reunion
Jessica Capshaw (Source: Getty Images)

Trust Grey's Anatomy to bring things and people back in even when they are bidding adieu for the time being. For all those clueless and late enough to have managed to skip the finale of Season 14, there's big news.

Everybody's favourite, Callie, was back for the first time since season 12. 

Yet that's not all - a comeback is fine, but nobody saw Callie's role in the finale being anything significant, yet there she was in all her glory, even though not present physically.

Shonda Rhimes really knows how to play the tricks when it comes to infusing fan favorites into the exit-plots of one of the most important characters of the show - Arizona Robbins.

The May 17 season finale marked Jessica Capshaw's (Arizona) exit with a familiar song from the show's past - Brandi Carlile‘s “The Story”.

For those clueless about the track record of the song, Callie had performed it during season 7's musical episode, titled “Song Beneath the Song”. 

It might be a little disappointing to learn that actor Sara Ramirez who brought Callie to life on screen was nowhere to be seen in the finale, but solace came in the form of Arizona moving to New York so she and Sophia (her and Callie's daughter) could be closer to Callie.

What's better is that Arizona is recently single after breaking things off with Carina (Stefania Spampinato). Plus, the finale showed her revealing that Callie is also single currently.

Arizona is seeing telling Richard and April that she smiles every time she gets a text from Callie, hinting that her feelings for her ex partner and baby mama might be back and on the rise again!

Things get better as she admits the same too!

At the same time, Callie is presumably feeling the same way, as post Matthew and April's wedding, she sends Arizona a text, that says: “I can’t wait to see you!” Talk about closure!