Here is how April and Arizona's exit is going to play out in 'Grey's Anatomy'

Here is how April and Arizona's exit is going to play out in 'Grey's Anatomy'
Jessica Capshaw and Sarah Drew (Getty Images)

When it comes to casting, Grey's Anatomy features many twists and turns but the planned and seemingly inevitable departures of April and Arizona have really affected fans and followers. There are many possible ways in which the characters will leave and almost all of them are sure to upset fans.

Grey's Anatomy departures usually translate on the screen into the death of the character. The exact manner in which a character is written off the show depends almost entirely upon the producer Shonda Rhimes and whether she chooses to leave things open for the future. 

In the past, Cristina left for a big job in Switzerland. While other characters such as Lexi Grey, Mark Sloan, and even Derek Shepherd died tragic deaths because their time on Grey’s Anatomy was finished. This is what the writers of the show felt much to the disappointment of the fans. 

Jessica Capshaw (Dr Arizona Robbins) and Sarah Drew (Dr April Kepner) were announced to have been axed from the hit ABC medical drama show which disappointed many fans and even their co-stars.


Capshaw and Drew have both been on the show for ten and nine years respectively and have commented about their sad exits. 

Other cast members like Jesse Williams who plays Dr. Jackson Avery, Justin Chambers, and Camilla Luddington have also taken to social media platforms to pay tribute and express their disappointment. Many fans were extremely agitated at the fact that the lead actor of the show, Ellen Pompeo who plays Dr. Meredith Grey stayed silent through the situation. 

Eventually, Ellen was forced to fight back and defend herself saying, "They both are super shiny happy people. I know you're angry but your representation couldn't be further from who these women actually are. Spreading acceptance and love is our message with Grey's and what all of the actors try to do with our performances on this show."

None of Pompeo's tweets sat well with fans and she concluded, "Please don't accuse me of being disrespectful," she said. "It doesn't matter what I say, nothing I say is OK so I won't say anything at all anymore."


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